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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  000062353 Corefeatureassigned (jeanphi)2012-08-21REQ: Sub Surface Scattering (SSS)
  00006221   Corefeatureassigned (jeanphi)2012-08-21spherical light pattern fixes
  0000619    Corefeaturenew2012-08-21RFC: camera evolutions
  00006183   Corefeatureacknowledged (jeanphi)2012-08-21RFC: textures evolutions
  00006134   Corefeaturenew2012-08-21REQ: Indigo like Tree Cache
  0000611    Coreminorassigned (Dade)2012-08-21Introduce the usage of TCP keep alive and timeout in the network rendering
  00006064   LuxGUIfeatureassigned (Dade)2012-08-21REQ: Two new buttons - Refresh Image - Request Data from Slave
  00006052   LuxGUIfeatureassigned (Dade)2012-08-21REQ: Manually request film by button and allow to disable update through timer
  0000586    LuxGUIfeatureassigned (tomb)2012-08-21Add a server mode for LuxGUI
  00005772   Corefeatureassigned (Dade)2012-08-21Develop an automated regression test suite
  00005524   Corefeatureassigned (Dade)2012-08-21Multithread network render initialization
  0000550    Corefeaturenew2012-08-21Copy lightgroups data from lux GUI to luxblend
  00005186   Corefeatureassigned (Lord Crc)2012-08-21report network rendering errors back to the client
  00005111   LuxGUIfeaturenew2012-08-21Unsharpen mask filter
  0000500    LuxGUIfeatureassigned (Lord Crc)2012-08-21Add post-process DOF controls to Lens Effect panel.
  0000499    Corefeatureassigned (Lord Crc)2012-08-21Add DOF as a post process
  00004681   LuxBlendminornew2012-08-21Incorrect transformation for instanced meshes when global scale is not 1
  00004651   LuxBlendminornew2012-08-21Using anything other than 1.0 global scale inside luxblend causes issues with motion blur
  00004643   LuxGUIfeatureassigned (tomb)2012-08-21histogram and color checker (picker/eyedrop) in luxGUI
  0000463    LuxGUIfeatureassigned (Carbonflux)2012-08-21ability to output an animation of light groups settings on still image.. for seamless transitions between lights
  00004604   LuxGUIfeaturefeedback (Carbonflux)2012-08-21ability to save current tonemapping and light groups settings from luxGUI into external file
  0000439132 Corefeaturefeedback (Lord Crc)2012-08-21Post v0.6? (SVG Vector Texture)
  00003446   Corefeatureassigned (Lord Crc)2012-08-21Add lightess perception tone mapping operator
  0000332    Corefeaturenew2012-08-21implement Fast Ray/Axis-Aligned Bounding Box Tests using Ray Slopes
  00003251   Corefeaturenew2012-08-21investigate bilateral filter code/paper - Non-Iterative, Robust Monte Carlo Noise Reduction
  00003231   LuxMayaminornew2012-08-21backward slashes misbehave in exporter panel on various inputs
  00003222   LuxMayaminornew2012-08-21whitespace in scenename not treated
  00003213   LuxGUIminorassigned (Lord Crc)2012-08-21Add support for PauseTheRenderingAtTheEnd in the GUI
  00003143   LuxGUIfeatureacknowledged2012-08-21add option to render with no threads :)
  000028610   Corefeatureassigned (Lord Crc)2012-08-21Add aperture diffraction options to realistic camera
  00002792   Corefeaturenew2012-08-21Implement a perceptual adaptive image sampler
  00001826   Corefeaturefeedback (Lord Crc)2012-08-21Generalize image filetypes across the engine
  0000167    Corefeaturenew2012-08-21finish realistic camera
  00000771   Corefeatureassigned (jeanphi)2012-08-21read aireal perspective code/integrate in sunksy
  0001177    Coreminornew2012-08-21Region/border rendering not supported for env camera
  00011602   LuxGUItrivialnew2012-08-21use space as a shortcut for pause/resume
  00011503   LuxBlend25minornew2012-08-21do not warn about submaterials of a mix material not being assigned to an object
  0001121    LuxBlend25minornew2012-08-21LuxBlend2.5 dupliverts
  00011181   Coreminornew2012-08-21STL mesh size limit > 16M triangle
  0001115    LuxGUIminorassigned (Lord Crc)2012-08-21Progress bar for lens effects
  0001094    LuxBlend25minornew2012-08-21Blender Preview Render window continues to calculate even when not visible.
  00010881   LuxGUItrivialnew2012-08-21Closing LuxRender --> Prompt with "Are you sure?"
  0001081    LuxBlend25minornew2012-08-21Export cannot be aborted manually once started
  0001078 1 SU2Luxminornew2012-08-21SU2Lux Does not support setting the renderer as used with luxrender 0.8
  000106531 Coreminornew2012-08-21SPPM new feature : choose number of thread to use from lxs
  00010381   Coreminorassigned (Lord Crc)2012-08-21Add a texture adaptor mechanism to allow using float textures as color and color textures as float
  0001027    API / Pyluxminornew2012-08-21Pylux does not wait for safe stop after reaching haltspp
  0000998    Coreminornew2012-08-21You can't use loop subdiv and microdisplacement on the same mesh
  00009691   Coreminorassigned (Carbonflux)2012-08-21small preview window
  00009443   Coreminorassigned (Lord Crc)2012-08-21Determine better thresholds for mesh shape
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