LuxCore: issues, problems, regressions

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Re: LuxCore: issues, problems, regressions

Postby jensverwiebe » Tue Nov 15, 2016 11:28 am

Jeanphi today changed some code that is c++11 exclusive and i adapted cmake accordingly.

Unfortunately i have now problems with lto in clang 3.9 and had to disable it. Anyway the unique_ptr seems to give
a good speedboost that smoothes my performance lost without lto. TODO

Also we have now: luxlex.cpp:1832:2: warning: 'register' storage class specifier is deprecated and incompatible with C++1z [-Wdeprecated-register]
Something to care about also.

EDIT: with clang3.7 lto works as before, with clang3.9 only with -flto=thin ( the new multithreaded, faster but a bit less effective lto ), so could be a compiler/linker bug.

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Re: LuxCore: issues, problems, regressions

Postby Piita » Sat Jan 28, 2017 3:00 am

Scattering volumes get very bright after a few minutes of rendering. It happens in path and bidir with homo- and heterogeneous volumes using multiscattering. Bidir will also show some black pixels after some time rendering. Using luxcore CPU. Multiscattering disabled seems to render correctly however.
Classic lux bidir as reference. It shows some artifacts too but never mind that. One thing at a time :)

scattering volume bug.rar
(4.52 MiB) Downloaded 10 times

scattering volume luxcore bidir.jpg
luxcore bidir

cattering volume classic lux.jpg
classic lux bidir
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