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Postby erk012 » Wed Apr 18, 2018 3:14 am

Just playing with the famous, well-known, beautiful Jotero model... :)
Cooked for 8 hours on a core2 duo on linux debian etch, applied a bit of denoising, resizing and cropping.
Still I can't get a sharp texture mapping, my textures always look blurry. Don't know if I'm doing something wrong but I'm just exporting UV maps from Blender... Any help would be much appreciated on this.
C&C welcome! :)

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Re: Ajax

Postby burnin » Wed Apr 18, 2018 6:07 am

Help on what?
Show, share: specs, settings, results, goals...

Also Note: depending on final image resolution & the object occupying space within, you should use properly sized textures. Learn about Texel Density
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