LuxRender v0.6 Final Release - Windows/OSX/Linux

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LuxRender v0.6 Final Release - Windows/OSX/Linux

Postby jeanphi » Wed Oct 14, 2009 5:23 pm

Hi all,

Queue the music:

At last, the LuxRender team is happy to bring the final v0.6 release to you all. This release represents a huge evolution since the previous 0.5 stable version. For those following more closely LuxRender development, only bug fixes went in since the last release candidate.

We've done our best to provide you with a high quality product, but nobody's perfect so don't hesitate to report any bug in the forums or in our bug tracker. In case major issues are found, we'll release maintenance versions during the next development cycle.
Thanks to all those that have made this release possible either by providing source code and ideas or patiently helping us track down issues.

As before we've prepared a set of archives containing everything packaged. (luxrender/luxconsole/dll's/luxblend and a newcomer: luxmerger)
Please download the relevant archives for your platform here.
Note 1: we now provide an installer for Windows systems and a sample scene to showcase some features of LuxRender.
Note 2: as always when using 32 bits versions you might run into memory issues if you work on very large scenes or render at very large resolutions

Changes since v0.6RC6:
- network rendering fixes
- metropolis sampler fixes
- PLY mesh loading fixes
- photon mapping wavelength sampling fixes
- Various assorted fixes

Other changes since v0.5:
- distributedpath integrator
- hilbert pixelsampler
- bidirectional integrator rewrite
- extension to photon mapping
- better implementation of portals
- torus shape
- switch GUI from FLTK to wxWidgets
- network rendering improvements
- mesh smoothing fixes
- multithreading improvements
- lots of speed tweaks
- new thin coating option
- readd the direct lighting integrator
- replace the plastic and substrate materials with glossy
- motion blur
- IES light support
- BVH accelerator
- linear tonemapper
- light groups
- noise reduction capabilities
- lamp spectra library from Galadakis
- glare/vignetting/chromatic aberration effects
- black pixel issue should be fixed (please report if they persist) (lordcrc & jeanphi)
- bloom and glare UI updates and glare layer for performance (lord crc)
- better defaults in luxblend (radiance)
- orthographic camera should work with bidirectional integrator (jeanphi)
- scene bounding sphere issue with bidirectional integrator is fixed (jeanphi)
- gui tooltips (radiance)
- improvements to architectural glass and null material (jeanphi)
- rulers/gui updates (zcott)
- compositing options for distributedpath integrator, rejection system for distributedpath integrator (radiance)
- new more flexible exr, png (now default) and tga output (radiance, lordcrc, jeanphi)
- zbuffer creation and output (radiance)
- many bugfixes and optimizations (everyone)
- portals are now sampled by lightpaths in bidirectional integrator -> speedup for interiors (jeanphi)
- firefly issues with bidirectional should be solved (jeanphi)
- QMC metropolis, should converge quicker. (jeanphi)
- 16bit png texture loading fixed (lotuspec)
- whitepoint panel visible properly on linux/gtk (lord crc)
- experimental qbvh accelerator (jeanphi)
- procedural clouds boundvolume (edward)
- lightgroup names saved to FLM io (lotuspec)
- and many small issues tweaked / fixed
- fixed bidirectional smooth shading issue (jeanphi)
- environment camera works with bidirectional (jeanphi)
- slight bidirectional/perspective camera speedup and fixed camera depth clamping (jeanphi)
- small performance increases to memory management (jeanphi and shadowjack)
- reintegrated experimental exphotonmap and igi integrators (jeanphi)
- fixed incorrect green colour of incandescent lightsources of lampspectrum (radiance)
- tweaks to QBVH accelerator building (jeanphi)
- fixes and optimizations to tabrekdtree (jeanphi)
- power of sunsky tuned (jeanphi)
- reduced rayepsilon to 1e-5f (jeanphi)
- lots of other small tweaks/bug fixes by radiance, lordcrc, jeanphi and shadowjack
- Significant fixes to bidirectional integrator (those are so significant that if you had scenes rendered with bidirectional you should rerender them)
- remove the warm up phase of the metropolis sampler
- switch to boost 1.39
- lots of bugs and memory leaks fixes
- fix for the longstanding memory eating bug (this can incur a severe performance penalty on computers with lots of cores when using light groups compared to the same scene without light groups, we'd be really interested to hear about it)
- preview rendering fix and ability to read a scene from standard input
- port PBRT 1.4 fixes to LuxRender
- brand new luxmerger tool to merge flm files, this should be most usefull for distributing renders without using the built-in capabilities (this is still alpha quality, let us know of any issue you might find)
- lots of bugs and memory leaks fixes


Source Code

People who want to download the source code can download the v06 tag files of our HG source code repository here:

And luxblend:


Good luck!,

Hg Log since v0.6 RC6:

Code: Select all
26 hours ago    Jean-Philippe Grimaldi    Fix a typo.    
26 hours ago    Jean-Philippe Grimaldi    Added tag v06 for changeset a76cf11e123d    
26 hours ago    Jean-Philippe Grimaldi    Update version to v0.6    
27 hours ago    Jean-Philippe Grimaldi    Correct sky intensity.    
27 hours ago    Jean-Philippe Grimaldi    Ignore some more subdirectories.    
27 hours ago    Jean-Philippe Grimaldi    Fix normalization of SWCSpectrum->XYZ conversion.    
27 hours ago    Jean-Philippe Grimaldi    Better prototype for RGBColor->SWCSpectrum conversion.    
27 hours ago    Jean-Philippe Grimaldi    Don't fill the log with message in case of abnormally long strings in the file.    
27 hours ago    Jean-Philippe Grimaldi    Cosmetic fix.    
2 days ago    Jean-Philippe Grimaldi    Merge with upstream.    
2 days ago    Jean-Philippe Grimaldi    Fix a wrong prototype in infinite light. Could cause wrong rendering with portals.    
2 days ago    Jean-Philippe Grimaldi    Fix a weighting error that could cause wrong rendering with architectural glass.    
2 days ago    Asbjørn Heid    Fixed wrong normals for torus shape, see bugtracker id 404.    
3 days ago    Jean-Philippe Grimaldi    Give an error message when a PNG file cannot be opened for output (thanks RenderWilli for spotting it).    
3 days ago    Jean-Philippe Grimaldi    Fix typo in last commit.    
3 days ago    Jean-Philippe Grimaldi    Finish API parameter type detection.    
3 days ago    Jean-Philippe Grimaldi    Fix potential NULL pointer dereference.    
4 days ago    Jean-Philippe Grimaldi    Try to fix issues with architectural glass.    
4 days ago    Jean-Philippe Grimaldi    Cleanup LuxGUI error messages.    
5 days ago    David Bucciarelli    Merge    
5 days ago    David Bucciarelli    Feature request #584: LuxGUI should open a pop up in case of a parsing warning/error    
5 days ago    Jean-Philippe Grimaldi    Fix a small weighting error in bidirectional.    
7 days ago    Jean-Philippe Grimaldi    Complete API parameters type detection (Normal, Point, Vector and RGBColor part).    
7 days ago    Jean-Philippe Grimaldi    Complete API parameters type detection (integer part).    
8 days ago    Asbjørn Heid    Fixed typo in previous commit.    
8 days ago    Jean-Philippe Grimaldi    Merge with upstream.    
8 days ago    Jean-Philippe Grimaldi    Complete API parameters type detection (float part).    
8 days ago    Asbjørn Heid    Added workaround for bug 521.    
8 days ago    Jean-Philippe Grimaldi    Change default matte to a 90% reflector instead of 100%.    
9 days ago    Jean-Philippe Grimaldi    Correctly read PLY mesh normals.    
10 days ago    Asbjørn Heid    Additional fixes similar to fix for bug 583.    
10 days ago    Asbjørn Heid    Fixed bug 583, where some textures fail to transmit.    
10 days ago    Asbjørn Heid    Tabified renderfarm.cpp    
11 days ago    David Bucciarelli    Fixed BUG 582: Luxrender crashes when using 16 threads    
13 days ago    Jean-Philippe Grimaldi    Fix bad copy and paste.    
13 days ago    Jean-Philippe Grimaldi    Fix spectrum sampling for photon mapping.    
2 weeks ago    Jean-Philippe Grimaldi    Fix PLY mesh loading.    
2 weeks ago    David Bucciarelli    New color scheme for LuxGUI log tab    
2 weeks ago    Jean-Philippe Grimaldi    Fix another memory bleed with integrators other than bidir.    
2 weeks ago    Asbjørn Heid    Added Carbonflux to author list, added contact details for myself.    
2 weeks ago    David Bucciarelli    Fixed BUG 570: Opening a scene with an Include command with a wrong file name leads to a crash    
2 weeks ago    David Bucciarelli    Patch 568: colored message in LuxGUI log tab. Reviewed and commited RenderWilli's patch    
2 weeks ago    Jean-Philippe Grimaldi    Fix wrong initialization of temporary files during network rendering.    
3 weeks ago    Jean-Philippe Grimaldi    Fix an issue with metropolis when some contributions have an infinite intensity.    
3 weeks ago    Asbjørn Heid    Fixed compiler error on windows.    
3 weeks ago    Asbjørn Heid    Added proper initialization for rand().    
3 weeks ago    Asbjørn Heid    Prevent division by zero in SetPower() method.    
3 weeks ago    Jean-Philippe Grimaldi    Merge with upstream.    
3 weeks ago    Jean-Philippe Grimaldi    PBRT NaN fixes.    
3 weeks ago    David Bucciarelli    Fixed BUG 564: haltspp option leads to an error on luxball4 rendering    
3 weeks ago    Asbjørn Heid    Reverted fleximage.cpp to a0471eed4264.    
3 weeks ago    Asbjørn Heid    Merge with server.    
4 weeks ago    Asbjørn Heid    Fixed segfault caused by FlexImageFilm::CreateFilmFromFLM    
3 weeks ago    Jean-Philippe Grimaldi    Merge with server.    
3 weeks ago    Jean-Philippe Grimaldi    Prevent too long strings in lxs files from overflowing string bounds.    
3 weeks ago    David Bucciarelli    Fixed BUG 514: fixed the fix, commited the wrong version    
3 weeks ago    David Bucciarelli    Fixed BUG 514: luxconsole crashes on missing images when running as a render node    
3 weeks ago    David Bucciarelli    Fixed BUG 562: Luxconsole -s (Linux 64) fails to network render when material names contain spaces    
3 weeks ago    Jean-Philippe Grimaldi    Fix number of samples transmitted over network and other potential issues with netwok rendering due to type length variation across computers.    
3 weeks ago    Jean-Philippe Grimaldi    Fix include file parsing.    
4 weeks ago    Jean-Philippe Grimaldi    Modify ERPT to more closely resemble metropolis.    
4 weeks ago    Jean-Philippe Grimaldi    Fix the recent problem with metropolis rendering nearly black pictures.    
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Re: LuxRender v0.6 Final Release - Windows/OSX/Linux

Postby tomb » Wed Oct 14, 2009 5:28 pm

Yay :) Thanks for the hard work Jeanphi, Doug, LordCrc, Dade, Jens, Radiance, Lotuspec and all the other contributors
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Re: LuxRender v0.6 Final Release - Windows/OSX/Linux

Postby The Verb » Wed Oct 14, 2009 5:50 pm

Thanks for all those who made this possible. Hope there will be more developers joining the project.
The Verb
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Re: LuxRender v0.6 Final Release - Windows/OSX/Linux

Postby dougal2 » Wed Oct 14, 2009 6:28 pm

Well done everyone - very nice to see the release finally! :D
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Re: LuxRender v0.6 Final Release - Windows/OSX/Linux

Postby manitwo » Wed Oct 14, 2009 6:35 pm

thank you guys ;)
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Re: LuxRender v0.6 Final Release - Windows/OSX/Linux

Postby tony » Wed Oct 14, 2009 7:04 pm

Thanks for all Developers.

I'll use it with love.

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Re: LuxRender v0.6 Final Release - Windows/OSX/Linux

Postby zsouthboy » Wed Oct 14, 2009 9:20 pm

Thank you all the contributors!

Now we can do some major changes for 0.7+ :)
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Re: LuxRender v0.6 Final Release - Windows/OSX/Linux

Postby psor » Wed Oct 14, 2009 10:07 pm

Thank you guys 'n gals for your hard work. It's much appreciated! :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

take care
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Re: LuxRender v0.6 Final Release - Windows/OSX/Linux

Postby Abel » Thu Oct 15, 2009 1:08 am

Hurray! :)
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Re: LuxRender v0.6 Final Release - Windows/OSX/Linux

Postby miga » Thu Oct 15, 2009 1:28 am

well done! Congrats to the team! Looking forward to the next version ;)
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