Paolo Ciccone Reality plugin is now available for Poser too from the Prêt-à-3D website. You can also read the documentation for the program by downloading the Reality User's Guide.

Reality provides the integration of Poser with LuxRender.

Reality runs on both Mac OS and Windows, and it's compatible with Poser 9/Pro 2012 and above.

Reality automatically converts objects, materials, lights and camera from a Poser scene, including procedural nodes. Reality gives you the option to edit all the elements of a Lux scene and provides a fully-featured material editor that gives access to the advanced Lux materials, including procedural textures.

The free pose2lux exporter, initiated by snarlygribbly is still maintained and available. You can find more information in our forum.

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LuxRender 1.4 Release

A new stable release of LuxRender is now available with lots of improvements for OpenCL rendering and Blender integration.


New commercial rendering service

The Pixelplow commercial rendering service now officially supports LuxRender v1.3 and v1.4.


LuxRender 1.4RC3 release

Oh! Oh! Oh! Santa just brought a new release candidate, go check it out!


LuxRender v1.4RC2 release

The second release candidate for the upcoming 1.4 version is now available with lots of fixes and polishing.