There are plug-ins available for 3D Applications which translate the scene into a format that can be read and rendered by LuxRender.

Most plug-ins also provide some sort of GUI for setting up Lux-specific settings in your scene, such as materials, textures and rendering settings. Some may also provide an integrated rendering experience.

See the list on the left for currently supported plug-ins.

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New exporter for Revit

AMC Bridge has published a new exporter for Revit with the ability to render on MS Azure cloud. Get all the details in the announcement.


LuxBlend 1.3.1a release

A bug fix release of LuxBlend has just been issued to fix a few annoying issues.


Website maintenance

We're going to switch over the website hosting. The exact time isn't yet decided, but expect the site to be down during the operations. You'll be able to find more information in the forum or in the #luxrender IRC channel.


'Organic' voting