For DAZ Studio there are two commercial exporters available:

Reality for DAZ Studio

Reality for DAZ Studio connects your Studio scene to LuxRender.

Reality is the first plugin that made it possible to use Studio and Poser content together with LuxRender.

Released by Pret-a-3D in 2010, Reality for DAZ Studio is now used by thousands of artists around the world. Reality is used in the production pipeline for professionals video game illustrators, and production of motion pictures like Jurassic Park 4 and Hunger Games 2.


Reality for DAZ Studio features

Reality for DAZ Studio is:

  • A scene exporter
  • A material editor
  • A light editor

Reality converts automatically the materials in your Studio Scene and provides an easy to use interface to not only render your scene but also edit all the parameters of the materials so that you can take full advantage of the power offered by LuxRender.

DAZ Studio's material manager does not have support for LuxRender's unique materials like Metal, Glass, Velvet, Water etc. Reality gives you that flexibility. With Reality for Studio you can convert any material to one of the LuxRender native materials and use the Reality Material Editor to customize all the parameters as you prefer.

Reality automatically recognizes the Gen3 (Victoria 3, Michael 3), Gen4 (Victoria 4, Michael 4, etc) and Genesis figures, and creates fine-tuned skin materials for those figures.

Reality for DAZ Studio runs on Mac OS and Windows, supporting 32 and 64-bit configurations. There is also a special version that runs on legacy systems using DAZ Studio 3.

Reality for DAZ Studio supports SLG

With Reality for DAZ Studio you can take advantage of the super-fast SLG render include with LuxRender. If you have an OpenCL-compatible GPU then rendering with SLG is simply a mouse click away.


Reality for DAZ Studio includes a unique tool: the Automatic Custom ShadEr Loader, aka ACSEL. ACSEL simplifies the task of creating and using custom materials (shaders).

Foer example, let's say that we have modified a shader for Victoria 4 for a given skin texture. With ACSEL we can tell Reality to automatically use that shader whenever you use that skin texture. No loading, no searching. It happens all automatically.


Reality comes with full documentation in PDF format that looks great both on your computer screen or your mobile devices. You can download the full manual from the Reality documentation page.

Details and image gallery are available in the Reality for DAZ Studio page.

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