LuxMax is the 3ds Max to Luxrender exporter. Its mostly made using maxscript. At the moment despite the fact that is under development and not a finished project, it supports all lighting and render settings, all Luxrender materials/image textures and even most of the blender and Luxrender procedural ones. You can also preview your materials without exporting your scene, use the new Luxrender 0.8 interior and exterior mediums as well as environment hdri lighting, 3ds Max native standard lights and specific Luxrender ones.

Recently LuxMax started also support for SLG in the same exporter pack which though in early development is stable enough to use many of its features.

For more information and download links you can visit the Luxmax development thread on the forum and the wiki LuxMax manual (not all features included yet).

You can grab LuxMax latest release from the repository where all latest changes are commited:

In order to make LuxMax better we highly encourage you to try it and report your suggestions/issues in the development thread.

Community News More...

LuxRender 1.5.1 release

A quick fix has been made available due to a few annoying issues with glossy materials. Please see the announcement for details.


Version 1.5 new features presentation

Don't miss the presentation of version new features in that entertaining video.


LuxRender v1.5 released

We are pleased to provide a new release of LuxRender with lots of improvements and exciting new features.


LuxRender v1.5RC1 released

We are pleased to offer you a new release of LuxRender on our way towards v2.0. Please give it a good testing so that v1.5 final is rock solid.