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complete pages

There are currently no templates for new wiki pages.

page banners

This page relates to Blender 2.4x and LuxBlend 0.7.x
This page relates to Blender 2.6x and LuxBlend25
This page relates to Blender 2.6x and SmallLuxGPU


The following code is used to get tables with borders:

{| class="wikitable" cellpadding="5" border="1"
| text cell A1 || text cell A2|| text cell A3
| text cell B1 || text cell B2|| text cell B3

images with text

For the sake of consistency of graphical style and adaptability, please use image captions instead of putting text in an image whenever practical. This can be done like this:

[[Image:LuxWiki_image_with_text.jpg|frame|left|example of the use of text in an image]]
<br clear="all" />

However, if texts are needed, the following image can be used as a guideline:

example of the use of text in an image

A version of this image saved as Gimp file can be downloaded here.

In this example, the bottom bar is 20 pixels high and uses colour #acacac (25% gray). The text is arial bold, 14 pixels high and uses colour #404040 (75% gray).

The logo is available in svg format and png format.



The shiny yellow version can be found here.

material test scene

The material test scene can be found at http://www.luxrender.net/forum/viewtopic.php?p=84625#p84625.