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high priority

  • materials: save to file, load from file
  • do not reuse material previews for unsaved files
  • check what happens when both normal maps and bump maps are used, consider unifying them in the interface
  • input validation: automatically replace commas with dots in numeric input
  • test if render speed increases when exporting per object instead of just per material
  • add coating option to various materials
  • improve interface stylesheet for Windows
  • export modified objects only
  • implement LuxCore syntax

average priority

  • check behaviour of startactivemattype function on both supported platforms
  • check displacement behaviour when not using subdivisions
  • check what happens when portals are instanced
  • test displacement with distorted textures
  • mix displacement textures when using mix material
  • prevent javascript functions from running multiple times in a row
  • create multiple preview scenes and option to switch between them
  • hide preview calculation terminal popup window on Windows
  • improve orthographic camera interface: allow rendering to scale
  • add layered material
  • improve user documentation
  • improve developer documentation

low priority

  • add rename option for stored settings files
  • material preview: check if sphere intersects ground
  • create uniform/non-uniform for glossiness/exponent
  • add HSV input option for colour fields
  • store multiple material previews, so that the effect of changing a setting can be compared
  • update mix material dropdown lists on material rename
  • deal with multiple LuxRender executables on Windows
  • when copying objects from one file to another, automatically copy their material settings
  • support proxy objects
  • expose more sunsky parameters
  • add sppm
  • hide architectural option when collapsing IOR field
  • fix binary .ply export on Windows
  • update preview in multiple steps when using long render time
  • create preset material library
  • interface: when using a texture without using the multiply option, dim the color swatch and RGB values
  • export distorted external textures for non-standard UV-mapped faces

SU2LUX Design

su2lux.rb Entry point, some utility functions and observers
su2lux/LuxrenderAttributeDictionaries.rb 2 implementations of Attribute dictionary wrappers. Seems to be used for loading settings to/from file also
su2lux/LuxrenderExporter.rb Exporter functions. (Camera , Geometry, settings, materials etc)
su2lux/LuxrenderHTMLTypes.rb Convert Luxtypes to html/js/css types and back
su2lux/LuxrenderMaterial.rb Skeleton for material support
su2lux/LuxrenderMaterialEditor.rb Skeleton for material editor support
su2lux/LuxrenderPrimitives.rb Seems to be more support functions, unsure if they are used
su2lux/LuxrenderSettings.rb File used to define settings, seems to be easily extendible/thought through
su2lux/LuxrenderSettingsEditor.rb File used to define settings editor, html interface is generated from this file
su2lux/LuxrenderToolbar.rb Does what you think it would
su2lux/LuxrenderTypes.rb Defines types like LuxInt, LuxVector, LuxColor
su2lux/MeshCollector.rb Contains collect_faces and is instrumental in exporting geometry
su2lux/settings.css HTML made non ugly
su2lux/su2lux_test.js the actual javascript (NB NOT sulux.js)