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New in 1-6

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New Features in Luxrender 1.6


Shadow Catcher

Shadowcatcher redball with.jpg

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Variance Clamping

bottom left: variance clamping disabled, top right: variance clamping enabled

Variance clamping is an evolution of old radiance clamping and helps to prevent fireflies while preserving the colors of highlights much better.

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Sky Ground Color Options

Example using a green ground color

The sky lightsource supports two additional properties:

  • Ground albedo (the brightness of the ground)
  • A custom ground color for the lower half of the sky

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HSV Texture

The saturation of the image texture is controlled by a checkerboard texture

A new texture for hue/saturation/value manipulation was added.

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BACKGROUND_IMG Imagepipeline Plugin

Background IMG plugin.jpg

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  • New, improved image map node (shows thumbnails, can select image from already loaded images in Blender or open a new one)
  • Renamed "Null" material node to "Transparent", can now use colored transparency
  • "Material Datablock" node to use any scene material in a nodetree (supports materials made in the "old" editor, too)
  • Use an OpenCL kernel optimized for live editing in the viewport (reduced number of kernel recompilations)
  • Ability to export to the new LuxCoreUI right out of Blender
  • Support for pausing/resuming of final renders

LuxCore Node Support

Node ui demo.png

LuxBlend now supports node materials in LuxCore mode.
A new volume node editor was added as well and most nodes were reworked to provide a faster and more intuitive workflow.


New Light Groups Interface

Lightgroup ui 2.PNG

The light groups interface was reworked and is now capable of live-editing during the final render.


Live-Editing of the Imagepipeline

Imagepipeline ui.png

The image pipeline can now be edited during the final render, making it possible to adjust the brightness, input pass and other parameters.


Transparent Film


A convenience function was added to import the RGBA_TONEMAPPED pass directly into Blender as the render result.

Cycles Scene Converter

left: auto-converted LuxRender materials, right: original Cycles scene (both rendered 5min on CPU)

A simple converter for Cycles to Lux conversion of materials and lights was implemented.
It is not very advanced, but for simple scenes it can provide a starting point to relieve some of the conversion work. The success rate depends on the complexity of the Cycles materials.