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* [ DeviantArt group]
* [ DeviantArt group]
* [ Vimeo group]
* [ Vimeo group]
===Exporter Tutorials===
* Blender 2.5+
**[[Introduction_to_LuxBlend|Introduction to LuxBlend]]
**[[Exporting_Object_as_Proxy | Replacing an Object with a Lowpoly Proxy]]
**[[Sun%2C_Sky_and_HDRI|Calibrating HDR environments]]
* Blender 2.49 (deprecated)
** [[Tutorial_1:_Your_first_scene|LuxBlend tutorial: your first scene]]
** [[LuxBlend tutorial: creating a simple interior scene]]
** [[LuxBlend tutorial: image textures and mix materials]]
** [[LuxBlend tutorial: Displacement Map| LuxBlend tutorial: displacement mapping]]
** [[Tutorial_3:_Using_Procedural_textures_and_displacement_mapping|LuxBlend tutorial: procedural textures]]
** [ video tutorial: Rendering MOI3D Models in Blender and LuxRender]
** [ video tutorial: How to use light groups]
** [ video tutorial: glass and fluid studio setup] (LuxRender 0.6/0.7 dev versions)
===Materials Database===
===Materials Database===
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