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Should the following be deleted?:

After installing into your add-ons directory, you should see an entry for LuxBlend in User Preferences -> Add-Ons -> Import/Export, where you can enable the exporter. To enable it permanently, start Blender, enable it and then press CTRL-U to save your default settings.

The LuxBlend25 manual under Internal Rendering states:

For Blender 2.5 beta 3 (the current version of blender at this writing), this is located at BLENDER_HOME\2.53\scripts\io\luxrender (where BLENDER_HOME is the path of blender 2.5).

So the first statement "After installing..." is wrong, it will not be in the addons and does not need to be enabled anywhere except the dropdown render window at the top of Blender. Then the paths for and output.

Abel: I'm not actually sure which of the two paths would be better at this moment and in the long term. For now I've added the add-ons path to the manual page, let's update it once it becomes clear which option is the way to go. Hopefully this will be the case when Blender 2.54 comes out.