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this is a document dating from 2008, please refer to the main wiki page for links to current information

Splash v05.png


The LuxRender community team is pleased to announce the release of LuxRender version 0.5, an open source physically based render engine.

This is the first significant release on the road towards version 1.0, and has a large number of new features and major rewrites.

Getting Started

Download a copy of luxrender and the exporter for your 3d application below, and install your exporter:

For Blender users:

For Maya users:

Manuals and Tutorials to use the software can be found in the user documentation section:

For help and other inquiries including feedback about your experiences, please register on our forums and post in the 'User Support Forum':


Please visit the download page for download locations of LuxRender and various exporters.

New Features/Changes

Blender Integration (click to enlarge)
Maya Integration (click to enlarge)

Core engine

Full Spectral rendering

The engine now performs all lighting calculations by sampling full spectra instead of RGB colours.

New Sampling Infrastructure

The sampling infrastructure has been rewritten in a modular way which allows combinations of modern samplers and integrators. Traditional random and quasi random samplers have new film sampling choices, and intelligent samplers such as MLT (Metropolis Light Transport) and ERPT (Energy Redistribution PT) are available.

Biased and Unbiased integrators

All integrators can be combined with any of the samplers as above:

Unbiased: Path Tracing, Bidirectional Path Tracing

Biased: Direct lighting (can be used for traditional raytracing w/ ambient occlusion), Photon Mapping with optional final gather

Hierarchical 2D & 3D procedural material and texture system

Various 2D & 3D procedural textures can be used to modulate all channels of all materials luxrender supports, and infinitely complex hierarchical mixes of them can be constructed. Various mapping types can be used on 2D textures such as UV, planar, cylindrical and spherical.

Native support for all Blender procedural textures

All blender 3D procedural textures have been ported to the source code and are natively implemented with the same parameters/controls as in blender.

Displacement mapping and engine level subdivision

Mesh objects can be supplied as base meshes and can be subdivided internally in the engine, and displacement mapping using the new hierarchical texture system can be applied.

Distributed network rendering & network transparent API

The network rendering code has been finalized and can be used for distributed progressive rendering across multiple computers.

Volumes/Participating Media rendering

Homogenous, exponential density and 3D volume data can now be rendered for effects such as mist, smoke, lightrays, etc...

User Interface

A new cross-platform GUI has been developed using the wxwidgets toolkit, which will be the foundation for upcoming interactive features. A console binary is also provided for headless rendering.


  • LuxBlend (Blender)
  • LuxMaya (Autodesk Maya(R))
  • LuXSI (Softimage XSI(R))

Luxblend (blender exporter) has been completeley rewritten and provides a complete integrated material editor and a lot of new controls & presets to use the engine's new features. A new exporter for Autodesk Maya(R) is available, aswell as an exporter for Softimage XSI(R).

Module List

Accelerators - tabreckdtree, kdtree, grid, bruteforce
Cameras - perspective, orthographic, environment, realistic
Filters - box, gaussian, mitchell/netravali, lanczos/sinc, triangle
Surface Integrators - bidirectional, directlighting, exphotonmap, particletracing, path(2)
Volume Integrators - emission only, single scattering
Lights - area (mesh emitter), distant (parallel), goniometric, infinite (environment), infinitesample, point, spot, projection, physical sun/sky
Materials - carpaint, glass, matte, mattetranslucent, metal, mirror, mix, null, plastic, roughglass, shinymetal, substrate
Samplers - ERPT, Metropolis, halton, lowdiscrepancy, random
PixelSamplers - linear, tile, lowdiscrepancy, random, vegas
Shapes - barytrianglemesh, cone, cylinder, disk, heightfield, hyperboloid, lenscomponent, loopsubdiv, nurbs, paraboloid, plymesh, sphere, waldtrianglemesh
SPDs - blackbody, irregular, regular, rgbillum
Textures - bilerp, checkerboard, constant, dots, fbm, harlequin, imagemap, marble, mix, scale, uv, windy, wrinkled, blender_blend, blender_clouds, blender_distortednoise, blender_magic, blender_marble, blender_musgrave, blender_noise, blender_stucci, blender_voronoi, blender_wood
Tonemaps - contrast, highcontrast, maxwhite, nonlinear, reinhard
Volumes - exponential, homogenous, volumegrid
UIs - console, wxwidgets GUI, FLTK1 GUI

Mantis Bugtracker Log

Id	Reporter	Assigned To	Category	Date Submitted	Updated	Summary
266	radiance	Dade	Core	2008-06-22	2008-06-22	v0.5 last fixes: bug in portal sampling in sky.cpp
265	radiance	Ratow	LuxGUI	2008-06-22	2008-06-22	add reuseable marching ants class to wx lux GUI
264	dougal2	dougal2	LuxMaya	2008-06-21	2008-06-21	Use 4x4 matrix transform for 3d textures
263	radiance	Ratow	Core	2008-06-21	2008-06-22	add last image rendered support in gui
262	radiance	zuegs	LuxBlend	2008-06-21	2008-06-22	v0.5 last fixes: fix wrong exported params of blender lightsources
261	radiance		Core	2008-06-21	2008-06-21	sunlight trough glass (with or without architectural option) broken
260	radiance	Dade	Core	2008-06-21	2008-06-21	fix photonmap whitebalance issues
259	radiance	Dade	Core	2008-06-21	2008-06-21	fix photonmap allocation problem
258	radiance	Dade	Core	2008-06-21	2008-06-21	fix threading issue with photonmap integrator
257	radiance	Dade	Core	2008-06-21	2008-06-21	Resolve stability issues with mutex locks
256	radiance	Dade	Core	2008-06-19	2008-06-21	add support for tiff format inputs
255	dougal2	dougal2	LuxMaya	2008-06-19	2008-06-20	Check multi material assignment to poly meshes.
254	dougal2	dougal2	LuxMaya	2008-06-19	2008-06-19	add the directlighting strategy and russian roulette options
253	dougal2	dougal2	LuxMaya	2008-06-19	2008-06-20	Add scale texture
252	dougal2	dougal2	LuxMaya	2008-06-19	2008-06-19	Find a better way to make the Lux menu on plugin load.
251	dougal2	dougal2	LuxMaya	2008-06-19	2008-06-20	Change LuxMaya install directory
250	CTZn	dougal2	LuxMaya	2008-06-19	2008-06-20	Deleting a texure node connected to luxShader
249	CTZn	dougal2	LuxMaya	2008-06-19	2008-06-19	Placement matrix transformations have no effect on 3d texture placement
248	dougal2	dougal2	LuxMaya	2008-06-18	2008-06-18	Investigate better executable and filename quoting in render batch file.
247	jeanphi	jeanphi	Core	2008-06-18	2008-06-19	Change plastic energy normalization
246	jeanphi	Dade	Core	2008-06-15	2008-06-16	Crash in tabreckdtree
245	jeanphi	jeanphi	Core	2008-06-15	2008-06-15	speed up bidirectional
244	jeanphi	jeanphi	Core	2008-06-15	2008-06-15	make use of portal to initiate light path with bidirectional path tracing
243	dougal2	dougal2	LuxMaya	2008-06-14	2008-06-15	Optimise MeshOpt for speed
242	dougal2	dougal2	LuxMaya	2008-06-13	2008-06-20	Expose lux_gui (lux_gui module) and lux_export (luxbatch module) MEL commands
241	dougal2	dougal2	LuxMaya	2008-06-13	2008-06-20	Add lens_radius to lux_settings, expose on GUI and add fstop<-->lens_radius conversion routines
240	dougal2	dougal2	LuxMaya	2008-06-13	2008-06-19	Auto collapse/expand material sections in luxshader AETemplate
239	jeanphi	jeanphi	Core	2008-06-13	2008-06-14	Fix roughglass material
238	zsouthboy	Ratow	LuxGUI	2008-06-13	2008-06-19	Tooltips on buttons appear behind the render output in GUI
237	zsouthboy	Dade	Core	2008-06-13	2008-06-20	Lux crashes in MSVCR80.DLL on win32. Randomly.
236	zsouthboy	Ratow	LuxGUI	2008-06-12	2008-06-19	Small error on the side of the tabs in LuxGUI
235	Dade	jeanphi	Core	2008-06-12	2008-06-14	Wrong shadow for glass material with sun light source
234	Dade	Dade	Core	2008-06-12	2008-06-12	Support complex matrix tranformations in Loopsubdiv surface
233	Dade	Dade	LuxBlend	2008-06-12	2008-06-16	Error in Luxblend when changing the default dmscale
232	jeanphi	jeanphi	Core	2008-06-11	2008-06-11	add variance hint to path2 and bidirectional
231	jeanphi	jeanphi	Core	2008-06-11	2008-06-11	add new sampling options to path and bidirectional
230	abel	zuegs	LuxBlend	2008-06-11	2008-06-22	camera clipping terms should follow Blender's terminology
229	dougal2	dougal2	LuxMaya	2008-06-11	2008-06-11	Add support for projection lights
228	dougal2	dougal2	LuxMaya	2008-06-11	2008-06-11	Read cropwindow settings from defaultRenderGlobals
227	dougal2	dougal2	LuxMaya	2008-06-11	2008-06-21	Improve luxexport.isvisible()
226	radiance	jeanphi	Core	2008-06-11	2008-06-15	complete null material and sunlight trough glass issue
225	radiance	Dade	Core	2008-06-10	2008-06-12	v0.5: implement last blender_voronoi texture
224	radiance	zuegs	LuxBlend	2008-06-10	2008-06-11	make default subtextures black and white in luxblend
223	radiance	zuegs	LuxBlend	2008-06-10	2008-06-12	fleximage disabled during startup in luxblend
222	radiance	Dade	Core	2008-06-10	2008-06-12	black bounding boxes on some objects in some renders
221	dougal2	dougal2	LuxMaya	2008-06-10	2008-06-10	Add network servers list
220	dougal2	dougal2	LuxMaya	2008-06-10	2008-06-20	Process priority not honoured on windows when using console mode
219	abel		LuxBlend	2008-06-10	2008-06-11	add an option to assign materials to emitter objects
218	abel	zuegs	LuxBlend	2008-06-10	2008-06-11	clarify material tab by changing "Material" to "Material type"
217	Dade	Dade	Core	2008-06-10	2008-06-10	Add adaptive subdivision to LoopSubdiv shape
216	Dade	Dade	Core	2008-06-10	2008-06-10	Luxgui should include an option to stop rendering at safe checkpoints
215	Dade	Dade	Core	2008-06-10	2008-06-13	Define how to distribute Linux binaries
214	jeanphi	jeanphi	Core	2008-06-09	2008-06-10	lux unresponsive under windows
213	jeanphi	jeanphi	Core	2008-06-09	2008-06-11	Include the mix material in the mutation strategy
212	jeanphi	jeanphi	Core	2008-06-09	2008-06-09	Use floats for SWCSpectrum
211	radiance	Dade	Core	2008-06-09	2008-06-10	OpenEXR / float type loaded textures are broken with bilinear and nearest filtering
210	radiance	dougal2	LuxMaya	2008-06-09	2008-06-21	add support for new imagemap filtering options
209	dougal2	dougal2	LuxMaya	2008-06-08	2008-06-20	update anisotropic options for all roughness using materials
208	zsouthboy		LuxGUI	2008-06-08	2008-06-09	Tonemapping still happens every x secs when rendering is paused.
207	dougal2	dougal2	LuxMaya	2008-06-08	2008-06-20	If export fails on linux, the progress window is not closed, and the UI is unusable. quit is the only option.
206	dougal2	dougal2	LuxMaya	2008-06-08	2008-06-20	Render after export
205	abel	jeanphi	Core	2008-06-07	2008-06-09	do not display the back sides of emitters
204	dougal2	dougal2	LuxMaya	2008-06-07	2008-06-07	Add remaining blender textures
203	dougal2	dougal2	LuxMaya	2008-06-07	2008-06-07	Add lists for exported materials and textures to detect duplicates
202	dougal2	dougal2	LuxMaya	2008-06-07	2008-06-20	Add procedural support to bumpmaps.
201	dougal2	dougal2	LuxMaya	2008-06-07	2008-06-20	Add autofocus to cameras
200	dougal2	dougal2	LuxMaya	2008-06-07	2008-06-07	Trimmed NURBS don't export correctly.
199	dougal2	dougal2	LuxMaya	2008-06-07	2008-06-19	Investigate why shader graphs using custom luxshader and/or custom lux textures is slow to compute
198	dougal2	dougal2	LuxMaya	2008-06-07	2008-06-07	Investigate possibility of integrating LuxMaya as a renderer option in Maya
197	dougal2	dougal2	LuxMaya	2008-06-07	2008-06-07	Add renderable camera optionmenu to GUI
196	dougal2	dougal2	LuxMaya	2008-06-07	2008-06-07	Re-enable realistic camera
195	dougal2	dougal2	LuxMaya	2008-06-07	2008-06-20	Add reverse gamma correction to color params
194	dougal2	dougal2	LuxMaya	2008-06-07	2008-06-20	Add support for displacement mapping
193	dougal2	dougal2	LuxMaya	2008-06-07	2008-06-11	Finish exit portal export logic and add GUI switch
192	dougal2	dougal2	LuxMaya	2008-06-07	2008-06-20	Exporting a Mix material with either or both mixNamed1/mixNamed2 unconnected causes Maya crash
191	dougal2	dougal2	LuxMaya	2008-06-07	2008-06-11	luxSunsky's geo sun calculator doesn't work properly
190	dougal2	dougal2	LuxMaya	2008-06-07	2008-06-07	Make a material importer module
189	dougal2	dougal2	LuxMaya	2008-06-07	2008-06-17	Finish the webfetch module
188	dougal2	dougal2	LuxMaya	2008-06-07	2008-06-20	Lux.LuxNodes.LuxNode needs splitting up
187	dougal2	dougal2	LuxMaya	2008-06-07	2008-06-20	Add resume film options back in
186	dougal2	dougal2	LuxMaya	2008-06-07	2008-06-21	Complete the Subdiv export module
185	dougal2	dougal2	LuxMaya	2008-06-07	2008-06-20	Complete the Mesh_opt export module
184	abel		Core	2008-06-07	2008-06-08	save alpha channel in separate file
183	abel	jeanphi	Core	2008-06-07	2008-06-21	fast rendering architectural glass material
182	radiance		Core	2008-06-07	2008-06-09	Generalize image filetypes across the engine
181	radiance	Dade	Core	2008-06-07	2008-06-09	add params for tweaking image texture behaviour
180	radiance	Dade	Core	2008-06-07	2008-06-11	passing UVs to meshes affects normals
179	radiance	jeanphi	Core	2008-06-07	2008-06-09	bump maps missing in bidirectional
178	jim	Ratow	LuxGUI	2008-06-06	2008-06-19	OS X application bundle lacks icon
177	jim	Dade	Core	2008-06-06	2008-06-07	type conflict in lux.h prevents OS X compilation
176	jim	Dade	LuxGUI	2008-06-06	2008-06-09	OS X - GUI dies because of "-psn_" command-line option
175	radiance	Dade	Core	2008-06-02	2008-06-11	blender_magic texture is broken
174	dougal2	radiance	Core	2008-06-01	2008-06-10	Using EXR Environment maps (ie, infinite light) doesn't work.
173	radiance	jeanphi	Core	2008-06-01	2008-06-02	reintegrator PBRT style volume support
172	radiance	radiance	Core	2008-06-01	2008-06-09	bug in resume functionality in fleximage
171	radiance	radiance	Core	2008-06-01	2008-06-09	thread creation/removal crashes on win32
170	radiance	radiance	LuxBlend	2008-06-01	2008-06-07	update anisotropic options for all roughness using materials
169	radiance	zuegs	LuxBlend	2008-06-01	2008-06-13	add default light material and editing for delta lights and all lux lighttypes
168	radiance	radiance	LuxBlend	2008-05-30	2008-06-07	add resume flm button to fleximage export
167	radiance	radiance	Core	2008-05-30	2008-05-30	finish realistic camera
166	radiance	Dade	Core	2008-05-30	2008-06-09	investigate displacement mapping
165	radiance	jeanphi	Core	2008-05-30	2008-06-01	frenselblend BRDF produces a lot of fireflies and nans/infinlums
164	radiance	zuegs	LuxBlend	2008-05-30	2008-06-11	bug in RGB color entry
163	radiance	Dade	Core	2008-05-27	2008-06-07	run lux trough valgrind/efence
162	radiance	radiance	Core	2008-05-27	2008-06-07	high amount of samples per px (per pixel sample) causes incorrect intensities on film
161	radiance	Dade	Core	2008-05-25	2008-06-10	make photonmap mutateable
160	radiance	radiance	LuxBlend	2008-05-25	2008-05-25	add support for photonmap integrator and params
159	radiance	Dade	Core	2008-05-25	2008-05-28	add photonmap integrator parameters to scene file docos in wiki
158	Ratow	jeanphi	Core	2008-05-25	2008-05-31	Russian roulette in path integrator is not optimal
157	Ratow	jeanphi	Core	2008-05-25	2008-05-31	Wrong dispersion colors over long paths
156	radiance	Dade	Core	2008-05-25	2008-06-04	add autofocus param to DOF enabled cameras
155	shadowjack		Core	2008-05-24	2008-05-26	Buffer in fleximage needs to be normalized when dispaying in GUI
154	jeanphi		Core	2008-05-23	2008-06-01	Extend volume support
153	radiance	Dade	Core	2008-05-22	2008-05-30	check/cleanup and optimize texture management
152	radiance	Dade	Core	2008-05-22	2008-06-09	investigate/fix crashes with multithreading and vegas pixelsampler
151	radiance	Dade	Core	2008-05-22	2008-05-22	rename grid pixelsampler to 'tile'
150	radiance	Dade	Core	2008-05-22	2008-05-30	Add halt spp options for samplers
149	radiance	Dade	Core	2008-05-22	2008-05-22	test and cleanup 'metal' material
148	radiance	jeanphi	Core	2008-05-22	2008-06-01	Exit portals seem broken
147	Dade	Dade	Core	2008-05-20	2008-05-21	Slow image update with same integrator
146	Dade	Dade	Core	2008-05-15	2008-05-20	lux::random::init() is not thread-safe
145	abel	zuegs	LuxBlend	2008-05-14	2008-06-11	sun on hidden layer gets rendered
144	Dade	Dade	Core	2008-05-13	2008-05-28	Writeinterval is not honored in fleximage film
143	radiance	Dade	Core	2008-05-11	2008-05-17	update cmakeliststxt on linux with better opengl lib search patch by mfoxdogg
142	radiance	SMISRA	Core	2008-05-11	2008-06-12	Investigate and template porting of blender source code's procedural textures to lux.
141	Dade	Dade	Core	2008-05-09	2008-05-09	Introduce a new pixel sampler: grid
140	Dade	Dade	Core	2008-05-08	2008-05-08	Coredump at the begining of rendering
139	radiance	Dade	Core	2008-05-07	2008-05-25	grayscale jpegs cause crash when accessing texels (at start of 1st renderloop)
137	radiance	zuegs	LuxBlend	2008-05-05	2008-06-12	add button for new trianglemesh option
136	radiance	zuegs	LuxBlend	2008-05-05	2008-05-22	Upgrade the material system for full texturing support of lux's texturing code
135	Dade	Dade	Core	2008-05-04	2008-06-12	Evaluate the idea of re-introduce the photon mapping integrator from PBRT
134	Dade	Dade	Core	2008-05-04	2008-05-24	Review and update the Network rendering code
133	jeanphi	jeanphi	Core	2008-05-02	2008-05-02	path tracing with direct connection to the eye
132	jeanphi	jeanphi	Core	2008-05-02	2008-05-02	Use materials for area lights
131	jeanphi	jeanphi	Core	2008-05-02	2008-05-02	Redo buffer type selection
130	jeanphi	jeanphi	Core	2008-05-02	2008-05-02	Variance based sampling
129	Dade	Dade	Core	2008-04-28	2008-06-07	The grid accelerator is not thread-safe
128	Dade	Dade	Core	2008-04-27	2008-05-04	Review the kdtree code
127	Dade	Dade	Core	2008-04-27	2008-05-04	Review the the trinaglemesh code
126	KiBi	jeanphi	Core	2008-04-27	2008-04-27	Build failure: error: no matching function for call to ‘lux::PathIntegrator::PathIntegrator(int&)’
125	Dade	Dade	Core	2008-04-22	2008-04-29	Using the linear pixelsampler leads to a coredump
124	radiance	zuegs	LuxBlend	2008-04-19	2008-05-04	Add clay rendering preset and mode to luxblend exporter
123	mljack	mljack	Core	2008-04-15	2008-04-15	Prepare reference/comparison algorithms for the debugging and verification of BiPT
122	radiance	Ratow	Core	2008-04-14	2008-05-05	Add option to trianglemesh to select normal smoothing or not
121	abel		Core	2008-04-13	2008-04-14	indicate a S/px value that takes efficiency into account
120	radiance	zuegs	LuxBlend	2008-04-13	2008-05-07	changes to lightsources in luxblend and other small tweaks
119	radiance	zuegs	LuxBlend	2008-04-12	2008-05-04	tweaks to values in buttons/sliders
118	radiance	radiance	Core	2008-04-12	2008-04-12	remove mltpath and copy eff op RR code to path
117	mljack	mljack	Core	2008-03-19	2008-04-06	Particle Tracing(Light Tracing)
116	mljack	radiance	Core	2008-03-19	2008-05-22	premultiplied alpha
115	mljack	mljack	Core	2008-03-18	2008-03-21	Modify particle tracing to use random numbers in Sample structure.
114	mljack		Core	2008-03-17	2008-03-20	pure virtual function call
113	abel	zuegs	LuxBlend	2008-03-16	2008-06-12	setting realistic camera aperture to 0 causes ZeroDivisionError
112	mljack	radiance	Core	2008-03-11	2008-04-29	create matching SWC RGB->SWCSpectrum curves and correct weighting
111	radiance	jeanphi	Core	2008-03-09	2008-05-02	modify sampling infrastructure to enable returning multiple image samples from integrators
110	mljack	mljack	Core	2008-03-08	2008-06-12	The normalization of pixels in multiimage.cpp is not correct.
109	jeanphi	radiance	Core	2008-03-06	2008-05-05	Film problem to come with network rendering
108	mljack	radiance	Core	2008-03-04	2008-03-05	The color of all white lights shift towards red
107	mljack	mljack	Core	2008-03-04	2008-03-04	Correct the inconsistency of "maxdepth" in path integrator
106	mljack	mljack	Core	2008-03-03	2008-04-12	sampler "lowdiscrepancy" produces very large values in R and B channels
105	mljack	mljack	Core	2008-03-03	2008-03-04	[BiPT] Update camera interfaces for particle tracing
104	abel	mljack	Core	2008-03-02	2008-03-05	top and left outer row of pixels is too dark
103	abel	Dade	Core	2008-03-02	2008-06-12	S/s value is calculated wrong while pausing render
102	abel		Core	2008-03-02	2008-03-20	stop tonemapping when rendering is paused
101	psor	Ratow	Core	2008-03-02	2008-04-13	Refraction/TIR is broken (CVS280208) / RC4 renders OK!
100	radiance	radiance	Core	2008-02-25	2008-03-22	further tweak sun/sky light mixing balance according to indigo/maxwell reference
99	radiance	Ratow	Core	2008-02-25	2008-06-12	figure out normal issues on transmitters using 'non-used' UV maps from luxblend exports
98	GustavTheMushroom	Ratow	Core	2008-02-23	2008-02-25	Artefacts and fireflies on addition of thread
97	Lord Crc		Core	2008-02-23	2008-02-23	Add support for Sellmeier coefficients for IOR
96	radiance	Ratow	Core	2008-02-22	2008-05-22	plastic material bug - too bright and too much fireflies
95	radiance	zuegs	LuxBlend	2008-02-21	2008-02-21	find baseline roughness value and make it the minimum in the widget's ranges
94	radiance	radiance	Core	2008-02-21	2008-03-20	reintegrate exit portals
93	radiance	radiance	Core	2008-02-21	2008-02-21	add cauchyb param for dispersion to roughglass material
92	radiance	Lord Crc	Core	2008-02-21	2008-03-20	modify material system to have a 'named material'
91	radiance		Core	2008-02-21	2008-03-20	Add support for Complex IOR to glass / roughglass materials for .nkdata files
90	radiance	zuegs	LuxBlend	2008-02-21	2008-02-24	Update luxblend's samplers and integrator options to reflect new CVS luxrender version
89	Tycho	Ratow	Core	2008-02-20	2008-06-21	Should not compute displayed image when minimized
88	radiance	radiance	Core	2008-02-20	2008-03-22	figure out/optimize number of materials
87	mljack	mljack	Core	2008-02-19	2008-04-11	Verify the fix for PixelSampler
86	jeanphi	jeanphi	Core	2008-02-19	2008-02-21	Put wavelengths in the sample instead of the thread
85	Lord Crc	Lord Crc	Core	2008-02-19	2008-03-14	Incorrect use of Clamp() method in materials
84	radiance	jeanphi	Core	2008-02-19	2008-02-24	add option to sample struct/samplers for SWCSpectrum strata randomvariable mutation
83	radiance	radiance	Documentation	2008-02-19	2008-02-19	test sendmail behaviour for mantis on new webserver
82	Lord Crc	radiance	Core	2008-02-18	2008-03-20	Reduce scope of lock in MultiImage::AddSample
81	Lord Crc	radiance	Core	2008-02-18	2008-05-22	Add named materials
80	radiance		Core	2008-02-18	2008-02-18	Add support for IES lights
79	radiance	radiance	Core	2008-02-18	2008-04-12	Add diffuse transmitter material
78	radiance	Lord Crc	Core	2008-02-18	2008-02-20	add support for win 2000 platform by including some headers
77	radiance	radiance	Core	2008-02-17	2008-02-17	read aireal perspective code/integrate in sunksy
76	radiance	radiance	Core	2008-02-17	2008-04-12	fix tss:get randgen code
75	mljack	mljack	Core	2008-02-17	2008-02-21	[EXP] Multiple Scattering Effect of Participating Media in Path Tracing
74	radiance	zuegs	Core	2008-02-17	2008-02-21	investigate pbrt-style camera code inclusion of lux from nico gallopo
73	radiance	jeanphi	Core	2008-02-16	2008-04-09	integrate portals (with normals), and integrate portals/lightsources with samplers
72	Lord Crc	radiance	Core	2008-02-15	2008-04-13	Add SPD classes
71	lycium	jeanphi	Core	2008-02-14	2008-02-15	metrosampler GetLazyValues() different from kelemen paper
70	radiance	radiance	Core	2008-02-14	2008-02-14	diagonal line bug on core2 platforms/vs2005 - make rangen thread/safe with boost rangen
69	radiance	zuegs	LuxBlend	2008-02-14	2008-02-21	implement an engine config preset system in luxblend
68	radiance	lycium	Core	2008-02-14	2008-06-10	SSEify the new SWCSpectrum class
67	radiance	radiance	Core	2008-02-14	2008-03-22	multiply all lightsources by D65 illuminant. (eg 6500K blackbody)
66	radiance	radiance	Core	2008-02-14	2008-02-17	Add SPD for regularspectrum spectra and scene file tag.
65	radiance	radiance	Core	2008-02-14	2008-03-22	Add SPD for blackbody emission spectra and scene file tag.
64	radiance	radiance	Core	2008-02-14	2008-02-14	fix single sample calculation for degraded SWCSpectra
63	radiance		Core	2008-02-14	2008-03-20	inclusion of light sources's random variables and portal's into sample vector
62	KiBi	Ratow	Core	2008-02-11	2008-02-25	Please update CImg to latest CVS (or upcoming release)
61	Karl vom Berge	Karl vom Berge	Core	2008-02-08	2008-02-08	Implement Population Monte Carlo Energy Distribution (PMC-ER)
60	KiBi	Ratow	Core	2008-02-05	2008-02-10	Please remove debian/ from CVS
59	NextDesign	Ratow	Core	2008-02-01	2008-02-03	Compile on OS X fails on metal.cpp
58	radiance	radiance	Core	2008-02-01	2008-03-20	fix samples/sec display / calculation when removing thread or pausing
57	radiance	zcott	Core	2008-02-01	2008-02-04	draw a box on the opengl image plane
56	radiance	zcott	Core	2008-02-01	2008-06-09	FLTK + WIN32 File Chooser
55	radiance	zuegs	Core	2008-01-30	2008-03-20	Add support for luxpop and sopra nkdata files to metal
54	Ratow	Ratow	Core	2008-01-30	2008-01-30	Apostrophe in material and geom files breaks scenefile parsing
53	abel	zuegs	LuxBlend	2008-01-27	2008-02-24	check for presence of light sources
52	zuegs	zuegs	LuxBlend	2008-01-26	2008-01-26	Support for point- and spotlight
51	mljack	jeanphi	Core	2008-01-26	2008-05-26	Bidirectional Path Tracing Support
50	radiance	radiance	Core	2008-01-23	2008-03-20	don't tonemap when paused
49	Sandking	Dade	Core	2008-01-23	2008-05-20	resuming render / moving to other machine
48	radiance		Core	2008-01-22	2008-05-26	win32 backslashes in file names are interpretted incorrectly
47	Sandking	zuegs	LuxBlend	2008-01-22	2008-01-24	crashes after writing out.tga - add output file name support in luxblend
46	radiance	zuegs	Core	2008-01-21	2008-05-16	Add support for non UV texture maps in luxblend
45	radiance	zuegs	LuxBlend	2008-01-21	2008-01-22	Add a rotate option for a HDR env map light
44	zuegs	zuegs	LuxBlend	2008-01-21	2008-01-21	Persistent settings
43	jromang	jromang	Core	2008-01-21	2008-01-21	implement plugins registry and queryable params
42	radiance	jeanphi	Core	2008-01-20	2008-02-19	restructure sampler class and integrate integration sampler class
41	radiance	Lord Crc	Core	2008-01-20	2008-06-08	implement texture filtering options and non-power-of-two textures
40	radiance	jeanphi	Core	2008-01-20	2008-02-25	implement ERPT (Energy Redistribution Path Tracing)
39	radiance	zuegs	LuxBlend	2008-01-20	2008-01-25	add support for directlighting and mltpath integrators
38	radiance	zuegs	LuxBlend	2008-01-20	2008-02-21	implement all intersection acceleration structures and options
37	radiance	zuegs	LuxBlend	2008-01-20	2008-01-25	implement all lux image filters and the options
36	KiBi	zcott	LuxGUI	2008-01-20	2008-01-21	Please add an option to hide dotfiles in the open dialog
35	abel	adeb	Core	2008-01-20	2008-03-20	using grayscale jpg images as maps crashes LuxRender
34	Sandking	zuegs	LuxBlend	2008-01-20	2008-01-24	implement all 3 lux cameras and all options
33	jasp	jromang	Core	2008-01-20	2008-02-25	Mac version does not compile
32	radiance	radiance	Core	2008-01-20	2008-03-20	convergence speedup on colour inputs
31	jeanphi	jeanphi	Core	2008-01-18	2008-01-23	MLT is not compatible with film croping
30	jromang	jromang	Core	2008-01-18	2008-03-12	Compilation problems / bug on 32 bit linux with SSE enabled
29	jromang	Dade	Core	2008-01-18	2008-06-07	triangle intersection test using SSE
28	radiance	zuegs	LuxBlend	2008-01-16	2008-01-18	remove instancing for area lights
27	radiance	zuegs	LuxBlend	2008-01-16	2008-01-24	apply bdancers modifications for render button
26	radiance	zuegs	LuxBlend	2008-01-16	2008-01-24	blender camera shift parameter
25	jromang	radiance	Core	2008-01-13	2008-01-16	Luxball geometry problems
24	radiance	radiance	Core	2008-01-12	2008-01-12	Move broken PBRT plugins to PBRT_Attic directory & drop file support in gui for .pbrt scene files
23	jromang	jromang	Core	2008-01-12	2008-01-12	Remove thread specific MemoryArena argument passing using boost::thread_specific_ptr
22	radiance	radiance	Core	2008-01-08	2008-02-21	finish per vertex normal generation code for ply mesh loader object
21	radiance	radiance	Documentation	2008-01-08	2008-01-12	fix logo link on forums
20	jasp	Dade	Core	2008-01-08	2008-06-16	Patch to support singlesided trianglemesh
19	jromang	jromang	Core	2008-01-07	2008-01-21	Error in paramset.cpp under vs2008
18	abel	zuegs	LuxBlend	2008-01-06	2008-01-19	focal distance calculation in LuxBlend
17	abel	zuegs	LuxBlend	2008-01-06	2008-01-18	apply a default material to objects without any material assigned
16	abel	radiance	Core	2008-01-06	2008-01-12	platinum metal is spelled incorrectly
15	abel	jromang	Core	2008-01-05	2008-03-20	textures saved as .tga don't work while .png and .jpg do work
14	radiance	marslyr	Documentation	2008-01-01	2008-01-20	Write a v0.1 material quick reference card
13	radiance	radiance	Core	2008-01-01	2008-02-14	Implement new Spectrum class(es) using Stratified Wavelength Clustering
12	zcott	Ratow	Core	2007-12-31	2008-01-05	Weird geometry when refracted through glass
11	zcott	zcott	Core	2007-12-28	2008-03-20	Framebuffer is stored twice when GL rendering window is used
10	jromang	jromang	Core	2007-12-28	2008-02-25	Mutex locking causes too much slowdown
9	radiance	adeb	Core	2007-12-27	2008-03-20	Texture memory mgmt and options
8	radiance		Core	2007-12-27	2008-06-02	qRMC Metropolis sampler
7	radiance	Ratow	Core	2007-12-27	2008-02-21	Implement / test MLT indirect implementation
6	radiance	Ratow	Core	2007-12-27	2008-02-25	Clean up and tweak SunSky light implementation
5	jromang	radiance	Documentation	2007-12-27	2008-04-12	Write the file format documentation
4	jromang	jromang	Core	2007-12-27	2007-12-27	Implement rendering contexts
3	jromang	jromang	Core	2007-12-27	2008-01-21	Update the C API
2	jromang	jromang	Core	2007-12-27	2008-01-05	Network rendering on more than 1 server fails
1	jromang	jromang	Core	2007-12-26	2008-01-04	Clean luxconsole text output

CVS Commit Log

dade916 - Fixed another bug with portals and infinite/sky light ... 
dade916 - Added support for portal in one of the Sample_L methods ...
dade916 - Fixed a bug with portals and infinite/sky light sources ...
dade916 - eadded sanity checks against NaN in exphotonmap and ...
ratow - New v0.5 splash image.
ratow - Iconized bug fized and GUI tweaks for the windows platf ...
radiance29 - reverted jeanphi's fix to plastic
radiance29 - Modified default min lights for auto in directlighting ...
radiance29 - temp disable of windowstate to reenable gui functioning ...
dade916 - Introduced russian roulette in the final gather step ...
jeanphi - Removed energy normalization. Let the user take care ...
dade916 - Fixed the number of samples in the final gather step ...
ratow - Better error handling of invalid scene files.
ratow - Disable window update when it is minimized (bug #0089, ...
dade916 - Fixed a division by zero in exphotonmap
dade916 - Fixed a division by zero in exphotonmap
dade916 - Fixed a division by zero in exphotonmap
dade916 - Now exphotonmap asks the correct number of samples ...
dade916 - Re-introduced light photon trace according the light ...
ratow - Command line parsing exception handling added.
dade916 - Re-introduced light photon trace according the light ...
dade916 - exphotonmap integrator has now a strategy option like ...
dade916 - DircetLighting integrator has now a strategy option ...
jeanphi - Fix a bug in bidirectional direct lighting.
dade916 - Now exphotonmap uses GetLazyValues()
dade916 - DirectLighting integrator was not thread safe. Now ...
dade916 - Fixed a problem with haltspp and multithreading
jeanphi - Fix the new direct lighting interface (hopefully).
dade916 - Added glossy reflections to exphotonmap
dade916 - Changed the default value of exphotonmap integrator, ...
jeanphi - Add an option to have an architectural glass.
jeanphi - Fix roughglass.
jeanphi - Fix the new direct lighting interface for non specular ...
jeanphi - Fix GUI compilation under CYGWIN.
jeanphi - Fix nullmaterial pdf.
dade916 - Changed LUX_VERSION to 0.5
ratow - Made loading window non-blocking, added time to log ...
jeanphi - Fix compilation under CYGWIN.
jeanphi - Fix a bug in roughglass pdf evaluation.
jeanphi - Slight optimization of the new direct lighting pass ...
dade916 - Minor CMakeLists twiks
jeanphi - Fix the new direct lighting occlusion test (I forgot ...
ratow - Better GUI feedback while loading and tonemapping. ...
jeanphi - Try to let direct lighting pass through null material ...
jeanphi - Fix a typo in the last bidirectional commit.
jeanphi - New integrator parameters for light sampling and round ...
dade916 - Written the blender_voronoi procedural texture (task ...
dade916 - Fixed blender_magic procedural texture (bug #175)
radiance29 - fixed typo in path2.cpp
dade916 - Fixed a problem of waldtrianglemesh with degenerate ...
radiance29 - added directlighting and russian roulette termination ...
ratow - GUI control logic added and small tweaks for various ...
dade916 - Fixed a problem between Intel CC and expf()
dade916 - Fixed the wrong number of Sample/Sec reported when ...
dade916 - Added few stat print in LoopSubdiv and KDTree
dade916 - Fixed another bug related to wrong normals (bug #180)
radiance29 - changed default scalar for swcspectrum class to 'float' ...
radiance29 - added TODO's for remaining SPD's on not often used ...
ratow - Better handling of LUX_USE_OPENGL flag in wxluxgui
jeanphi - Fix bidirectional for mix material new interface.
jeanphi - Allow selection of mixed materials from the mutations.
ratow - Added wxglviewer files.
jeanphi - Try to fix Windows bad scheduling.
jeanphi - Allow selection of float or double for SWCSpectrum ...
dade916 - Fixed a bug in EXR support (bug #211)
dade916 - Fixed a bug in Material::Bump() (bug #180)
radiance29 - Tweaked normalization of L SPDs
radiance29 - ported SPD interfaces to distant light
radiance29 - cleanups and LSPD destructors
radiance29 - ported SPD interfaces to point and spot lights
radiance29 - cleanups
radiance29 - Ported SPD interface to 'infinite' area light
radiance29 - made BILINEAR filtering for imagemaps default
ratow - Added OpenGL output viwer and small fix to thread control.
dade916 - Added the new imagemap option 'string filtertype' and ...
ratow - Fixed a wxluxgui compile problem on win32
jeanphi - Correct fix for bug 176
ratow - Embedded png icons, splash image and some other small ...
dade916 - Added the new imagemap option 'integer discardmipmaps' ...
dade916 - Added gain and gamma options to texture imagemap (bug ...
dade916 - Commented out expf definition for __APPLE__ because ...
dade916 - Applied Ratow's patch to the harlequin texture
radiance29 - fixed stype<>noisebasis2 bug in distortednoise texture
radiance29 - fixed null material
radiance29 - fix for build on win32 in harlquin.cpp
radiance29 - added anisotropic u and v roughness params to ALL gloss ...
dade916 - Patch submitted by jim (bug #176), order to avoid a ...
dade916 - Added Harlequin texture
dade916 - Patched lux/CMakeLists.txt with Debolaz's changes for ...
dade916 - Added dmsharpboundary option to loopsubdiv objects
ratow - -Removed bogus toolbar
dade916 - Fix: replaced few incorrect delete with delete[] in ...
dade916 - Added a new dmnormalsmooth parameter to displacement ...
dade916 - Added a new dmoffset parameter to displacement maps
ratow - Added missing strings header
jeanphi - Nearly working perspective camera interfaces for bipt.
dade916 - Written the support for UV coords in loopsubdiv objects
dade916 - Fixed dislpacement direction in displacement maps
dade916 - Correct ObjectToWorld transformation is now used in ...
dade916 - First implementation of displacement mapping
radiance29 - added Spectrum interfaces to all blender textures and ...
dade916 - Added few i/o error check to FlexImageFilm::TransmitFilm()
ratow - Initial commit of wxLuxGui
jeanphi - Complete bipt skeleton of perspective camera.
jeanphi - Fix light portals.
jeanphi - Reduce bipt variance of eye paths hitting nothing when ...
jeanphi - Remove PI multiplicator in bipt interfaces, it was ...
radiance29 - changed flipxy param on blender_blend to bool type
radiance29 - Added blender_(blend)(distortednoise)(magic)(noise)(stu ...
radiance29 - Added restart param to fleximage to enable users to ...
dade916 - Now Exphotonmap integrator uses Sampler generated numbe ...
jeanphi - Add a new member to SWCSpectrum named filter() returnin ...
jeanphi - Fix scaling of RGB->SPD conversion: if no value of ...
dade916 - Fixed a bug in ~MetropolisSampler() and ~ERPTSampler ...
dade916 - Fixed a bug in ~Random() (bug #163)
dade916 - Fixed a bug in ~Random() (bug #163)
dade916 - Fixed a bug in ~Random() (bug #163)
dade916 - Re-enabled the support for depth of field in orthograph ...
dade916 - Fix: network server avoids to save tonemapped IGI image
dade916 - First implementation of autofocus option for perspectiv ...
jeanphi - Remove warnings with cmake 2.6 please test with older ...
jeanphi - Skeleton implementation for perspective camera bipt.
jeanphi - Camera interfaces for bipt.
jeanphi - Clean up sun and sky lights.
jeanphi - Fix stop condition of metropolis and ERPT samplers.
dade916 - Added few print info about the progress of the work ...
jeanphi - Correct fix for the bug radiance found in bidirectional ...
dade916 - Fixed bug #144 (boost::timer in FlexImageFilm doesn't ...
dade916 - Written MIPMapFastImpl, child of MIPMapImpl with fast ...
radiance29 - fix for Scene::RemoveRenderThread() - removed mutex ...
radiance29 - fix for memory related crash on win32 in BidirIntegrato ...
radiance29 - added init for uninitialized scene::numberOfSamplesFrom ...
radiance29 - freebsd compilation fix in boost asio detail
radiance29 - include/malloc fixes for building on FreeBSD
jeanphi - Fix bidirectiobal weighting when there are several ...
dade916 - Added the haltspp parameter to Film as discussed in ...
jeanphi - More fixes to bidirectional path tracing (should work ...
jeanphi - Fix bidirectional path weighting.
dade916 - Fixed the use of some uninitialized value in luxStatistics
dade916 - Written the support for stop condition in erpt pixel ...
dade916 - Written the support for stop condition in metropolis ...
dade916 - Written the support for stop condition in lowdiscrpancy ...
radiance29 - updated cmakelists for blender_clouds.cpp
radiance29 - Added blender_clouds.cpp-h texture - code by SMISRA
dade916 - Fixed a problem in Preprocess of the exphotonmap
dade916 - Fixed a typos in the exphotonmap
dade916 - Done th eport of the new exphotonmap integrator
jeanphi - Correctly initialize BidirVertex.
radiance29 - added fix for outof range subscript error on vs2005.
dade916 - Added the support for 1 channel texture maps and some ...
dade916 - Adding/removing rendering threads is now thread safe ...
jeanphi - Finish light edge of the bidirectional path tracing!
jeanphi - Make sun and sky work much better (they still miss ...
dade916 - Network rendering server now avoids to save resume ...
dade916 - Fixed a deadlock in the resume rendering
dade916 - Fixed several issue in luxrender/luxconsole/FlexiImage ...
dade916 - Fixed several issue in luxrender/luxconsole/FlexiImage ...
dade916 - Renamed the grid pixel sampler to tile and fixed a ...
dade916 - Added some print of the preprocess progress to the ...
dade916 - Photonmap integrator should be threadsafe now (some ...
dade916 - Fixed a race condition in the luxExit() call
dade916 - Fixed bug #147
radiance29 - fix unnessary include in mixmaterial
radiance29 - added recursive construction for hierarchical 'mix' ...
dade916 - Fixed a problem when redering threads start to run ...
dade916 - Fixed a small error in the photonmap integrator
dade916 - Introduced several I/O error checks in the network ...
dade916 - Fixed a little bug in the RenderServer class
jeanphi - Bidirectional with full reverse pdf weighting. I'm ...
dade916 - Introduced a new more friendly handshake between client ...
dade916 - Now the network rendering server is reentrant and can ...
dade916 - Luxconsole has now a new option to terminate after ...
jeanphi - Bidirectional work: area light sources are now correctl ...
jeanphi - Make it compile under CYGWIN.
jeanphi - Remove a superfluous return.
dade916 - The network rendering server code was moved in a dedica ...
jeanphi - More bidirectional work:
dade916 - Random number generators are now initialized with rando ...
dade916 - Moved the network film updating thread from luxrender ...
radiance29 - Added blender_wood material.
dade916 - Mapped blender parameters for musgrave and marble
dade916 - Mapped blender parameters for musgrave and marble
dade916 - Fixed a missing file in cmake
radiance29 - Added null & mix materials - nulltransmission BXDF
jeanphi - Direct lighting interface for bipt.
dade916 - Applied the mfoxdogg's path for CMakeLists.txt
radiance29 - added 3didentitymapping transform options and powf ...
dade916 - Added a rendering resume feature to the FlexiImageFilm ...
dade916 - Done the port of Blender code for procedural textures, ...
radiance29 - Added texturespace manipulation vector options for ...
dade916 - Reintroduced the photonmap integrator (work in progress ...
radiance29 - Updated GUI splashscreen for v0.5 release
dade916 - Minor: fixed a typos in a luxError message
dade916 - Introduced a new pixel sampler: grid
dade916 - Fixed bug #140
dade916 - Network rendering now works between little/big endian ...
dade916 - Fixed a couple of problems with named materials and ...
radiance29 - Added named material to scene file interfaces/context ...
dade916 - Luxrender now includes the support for network rendering
dade916 - Updated the network rendering code, extended fleximagef ...
jeanphi - Bidirectional work in progress (does not work)
dade916 - Added a coment to cmake on how compile on 64bit platforms
dade916 - Removed the not used any more safekdtree class
dade916 - tabreckdtree and waldtrianglemesh are now the default ...
dade916 - Added few comments for compiling with Intel CC with ...
radiance29 - removed erroneous test/change in dynload.
radiance29 - fix to debugmode
radiance29 - Fixes to new fleximage
radiance29 - Commit updated fleximage and removed multiimage
radiance29 - added desctructor for allocated buffer
radiance29 - Added buffering of random numbers and some tweaks
dade916 - Fixed a but in the Matrix4x4() costructor leading to ...
dade916 - min(unsigned int, unsigned int) is not defined on some ...
dade916 - Introduced a smll optimization in WaldTriangle::Sample
dade916 - Introduced a smll optimization in WaldTriangle::Sample
dade916 - A better fix for numerical problems in tabreckdtree
dade916 - Minor fix in the tabreckdtree
dade916 - Introduced inverse mailboxes in the tabreckdtree class
dade916 - Written a new kdtree class with a new ray traversal ...
dade916 - Fixed bug #125
dade916 - A minor bug fix for the safekdtree class
dade916 - Written a simpler implementation of the inverse mailbox ...
ratow - Small corrections to blinn distribution and components ...
jeanphi - It now works! Still some work to be done to improve it.
dade916 - Improved the waldtrianglemesh class by moving  most ...
dade916 - Extended the safekdtree class to include a thread safe ...
dade916 - Introduced the safekdtree class
dade916 - Fixed a missing shapes/waldtrianglemesh.cpp in the ...
jeanphi - Tweak bidirectional weighting a bit. Still not correct ...
radiance29 - Added dade's wald trianglemesh code
jeanphi - Revive the PBRT bidirectional path tracer.
jeanphi - Improve convergence by compensating for the imbalance ...
jeanphi - Weight variance according to contribution importance.
jeanphi - Add one contribution per light sample to prepare better ...
jeanphi - Add stratified image sampling to ERPT sampler.
radiance29 - Added fix for lowdiscrepancypx and jeanphi's variance ...
radiance29 - small speedups/tweaks
radiance29 - Reenabled IGI output in multiimage film
radiance29 - fix for rangen / dither
radiance29 - spd include tweak
radiance29 - fix for vegaspixelsampler crash
radiance29 - fixed typo
radiance29 - Spectrum cleanup and new SPD classes
ratow - Fixed normal flip for negative scaled objects. (closes ...
radiance29 - removed bidirectional - wrong one
radiance29 - added pbrt/mljack's old bidirectional integrator
ratow - Updated CMakeLists with removed integrators and new ...
radiance29 - added new material: mattetranslucent - a diffuse transm ...
radiance29 - Added stratification for large mutation image samples ...
radiance29 - cleanups
radiance29 - small fix for pre-renderthread rangens
radiance29 - added window close callback for gracefull exit
radiance29 - rewrote RGN in randomgen.h and fixed tss.get() slowdown ...
radiance29 - removed mltpath  ...
jeanphi - Do portal selection differently to not need UniformSamp ...
jeanphi - Select light portals according to sampling information ...
mljack - DOF(depth of field) and Ray-Lens intersecting support ...
mljack - bug fix for particle tracing. The bug affects the lumin ...
jeanphi - Try to prevent adding irrelevant contributions to the ...
jeanphi - Replace an assert with a warning message in AddSample ...
jeanphi - Add an experimental path tracer with direct connection ...
jeanphi - Convert all integrators to the new interfaces.
jeanphi - Modifications to allow luxrender to compile under cygwin.
jeanphi - New sampling interfaces inspired by mljack modification ...
jeanphi - Start optimizing metrosampler.
jeanphi - Add colorspace conversion class.
jeanphi - Fix a bug in ERPT that forced at least 1 mutation chain ...
mljack - Fix a bug in computing the origin of camera rays with ...
ratow - Fixed a few memory leaks.
radiance29 - moved old materials to pbrt_attic
radiance29 - moved bluepaint, brushedmetal, clay, felt, primer, ...
radiance29 - tweaked sky vs sun power to more resemble results of ...
mljack - Particle tracing use random numbers from the metropolis ...
jeanphi - Fix almost all remaining gcc warnings.
jeanphi - Add new files to CMakeLists.txt
mljack - new module: fleximage, pathn, particletracing
jeanphi - Add filter.h header.
jeanphi - Optimize path integrator and ERPT sampler. This is ...
mljack - new light interfaces for particle tracing/bipt
jeanphi - Small optimization to ERPT.
jeanphi - Various include cleaning and small optimizations.
jeanphi - Optimize EWA filtering of mipmap.
jeanphi - Fix SSE build on linux reported in Mantis.
jeanphi - Rearchitecture mipmap.h to allow better optimizations ...
jeanphi - Fix possible use of unitialized variable or NULL derefe ...
jeanphi - Disambiguate an if (gcc warning).
mljack - Fix the issue of one dark pixel reported by Abel. The ...
tomb - Fix
tomb - Make it compile with GCC on linux
mljack - Correct typos in 10 bin spectral representation from ...
jeanphi - Fix compilation error wih SSE enabled.
mljack - Uninitialized array of random samples for wave lengths.
mljack - Another fix for random and low discrepancy pixel samplers
mljack - 1. Fix a pixel counting issue for progressive rendering
mljack - 1. Add a funcion WriteRGBAImageFloat() to store "float" ...
mljack - 1. To calc total number of pixels, use GetSampleExtent( ...
mljack - Correct the inconsistency of "maxdepth" in path integrator.
jeanphi - core headers include redux to speed up compilation.
mljack - [BiPT] Update camera interfaces for particle tracing
radiance29 - divide by zero fix on vs2005 in Mod() -  and max() ...
ratow - Fix build error in Mac OS X Leopard.
ratow - Added default arguments to be able to compile on Visual ...
ratow - Changed end-of-line format to unix.
ratow - Better texture handling and lower memory usage.
ratow - Updating CImg to GPL-compatible CVS version 128.
jeanphi - Proper parameter for wavelengths mutations. Infrastruct ...
jeanphi - Fix compilation with MSVC by replacing clamps with ...
jeanphi - Sanitize lux.h:
ratow - Added missing new reflection files.
radiance29 - Moved core/reflection.cpp-h into seperate files/dirs ...
radiance29 - Added cauchyb parameter for dispersion to roughglass ...
radiance29 - added 'realistic' camera - see mantis task: luxrender ...
lordcrc - Included wspiapi.h for win32 for backwards compatibilit ...
lordcrc - Fixed incorrect use of .Clamp() in materials. See bugtr ...
jeanphi - Fix most gcc warnings.
jeanphi - Remove redundant code to speed up lazy evaluation. ...
jeanphi - Fix compilation with gcc.
lordcrc - Added back some internal nk data, now using SPD.
lordcrc - Fixed IrregularSPD to avoid negative values. See bugtra ...
radiance29 - remove LBase and L inputs - added "float gain" paramete ...
lordcrc - Fixed a few small bugs related to the SPD class change
lordcrc - Modified to use SPD classes
lordcrc - Updated to use SPD for n,k
lordcrc - Changed to use SPD classes
lordcrc - CIE illuminants, initial check-in
lordcrc - SPD classes, see bugtracker id 72
lordcrc - Refactored RegularSpectrum / IrregularSpectrum into ...
jeanphi - Fix for metropolis sampler halo.
radiance29 - Diagonal line bug/thread safe issue with SFMT rangen ...
ratow - Small fix to scene transmittance in first path node.
radiance29 - No commit message
radiance29 - Speedup with spectrum conversion of skylight
jeanphi - One more fix for lazy evaluation thanks to Lord Crc.
ratow - -Small fix to sun RegularSpectrum data.
ratow - Many changes to Sun/Sky light: (#0000006)
ratow - Really using lazy evaluation in mltpath integrator ...
ratow - Removing debian/ directory. Refer to Mantis issue #60 ...
jeanphi - Fix all samplers for lazy evaluation.
jeanphi - Various fixes and improvements.
radiance29 - fix allocation in sampling.cpp-h by jeanphi for lazy ...
radiance29 - Initial checkin of SWC Spectrum implementation - Read ...
jeanphi - Working (or so I think) ERPT implementation.
jeanphi - Fix lazy evaluation in metropolis sampler.
jeanphi - Convert path integrator to lazy evaluation.
ratow - Fixed segfault in mltpath and added path termination ...
jeanphi - Fixes for the new lazy evaluation of samples.
jeanphi - Finish the removal of integrationsampler.
jeanphi - Remove IntegrationSampler and move it to the attic.
jeanphi - Replace all random numbers by sample items.
jeanphi - Fix for alpha handling.
ratow - Fixed pixelsampkers typo and added boost-regex library.
jeanphi - Speed up AddSample and accelerate convergence.
lordcrc - Fixed IOR struct operator overloading, so it compiles ...
lordcrc - Forgot to remove fileformat parameter
lordcrc - Removed fileformat parameter, added "auto detect" of ...
lordcrc - Added code to load nk data from file, both SOPRA and ...
ratow - Quick fix to issue #0000054: Apostrophe in material ...
radiance29 - typo in lowdiscrepancypx.cpp
radiance29 - Added lowdiscrepancypx sobol2 sequence pixelsampler
jeanphi - Use random numbers instead of another sampler.
jeanphi - Use several samples for the energy deposition calculation
jeanphi - Fix an issue with path tracing that prevented mutations ...
jeanphi - Implement MLT with a Sampler and not an IntegrationSamp ...
jromang - Solved paramset compilation problem.
jromang - Applied jasp's OSX compilation patch ; also solved ...
jromang - Added svg icon.
jromang - Deleted png icon
jromang - Added svg icon.
radiance29 - tweaks to colour classes
radiance29 - removed bad color-sse.h
jromang - Updated SFMT copyrights in headers.
jromang - Added SFMT license file.
jromang - Changes to make build system more portable.
jromang - Changes to make build system more portable.
jromang - SSE implementation of some color methods.
radiance29 - backfix of pbrt bug with pdf = INFINITY
jromang - Added namespacing to new color/spectrum classes.
jromang - Compilation error corrections for GNU/Linux.
jromang - Renamed PBRT_Attic to pbrtattic
jromang - renamed PBRT_Attic to pbrtattic
radiance29 - renamed Spectrum.XYZ to Spectrum.ToXYZ
radiance29 - fixed typo in name of platinum metal
radiance29 - added spectrum.cpp file to cmakelists
radiance29 - Moved Spectrum classes to core/spectrum.cpp-h - Added ...
radiance29 - tweaks to pbrt attic move
radiance29 - added readme.txt to /PBRT_Attic/
radiance29 - Moved broken PBRT plugins to /PBRT_Attic/ and removed ...
jromang - Code cleanup
jromang - Removed thread specific MemoryArena argument passing ...
jromang - Resolved initialisation issues that might cause Lux ...
jromang - Changed network commands parsing parsing - much faster ...
jromang - Commented out code that doesn't compile under MSVC
jromang - Changed command parsing for the server mode : much ...
jromang - Added TGA support
jromang - Corrected a bug when using multiple servers.
jromang - Cleaned console text output.
jromang - Updated the error message when command line arguments ...
jromang - Corrected argument parsing when using multiple servers.
jromang - Changed error type in Scene::statistics
jromang - Removed 'luxFilmXres', 'luxFilmYres', 'luxDisplayInterv ...
jromang - Replaced old C/C++ API with a pure C API.
ratow - Added fix/workaround for inverted normals in glass ...
ratow - Implemented russian roulette and explicit light path ...
ratow - Added missing mltpath.cpp in CMakeLists
radiance29 - added mlt path integrator
radiance29 - tweaks to path/mlt default parameters - removed rrforce ...
zcott - moving luxInit() so it only gets called once
radiance29 - added authors from site
jromang - Moved most API calls in a rendering context.
zcott - framebuffer update moved to a separate thread
jromang - Corrected a bug that caused the server to crash when ...
ratow - Small improvements to MLT
ratow - Initial .deb package control files commit
jromang - Added zlib compression to transmit films over the network.
jromang - Changed icon.
zcott - ambiguity fix
jromang - Added lux namespace
jromang - Changed app icon for linux.