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Material Setup

Using NK Metal data

In the Metal section of the luxshader attribute editor, you simply need to:

  • set Preset to "manual"
  • specify an NK file (SOPRA format, same as Indigo uses) in the "NK Data File" attribute.
  • set the U/V Exponents

Creating Mix Materials

In total you need 3 luxshaders.

  • make 1 the Mix and assign it to your object:
  • make 2 other luxshaders as the materials to be mixed. Connect their outColor attrbiutes to the Mix's mixNamed1 and mixNamed2 attributes.
  • use the amout attribute in the mix shader to control the blend amount. (you can also attach a texture to amount to make a patterned mix).

Here's an example of some crazy multi-mixing I did as a test (this is approximately Radiance's "Voronite" material)