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Icons for on the wiki of Luxrender.
Made by Poncho 2011
Brandlogo's belong to their respectable owners, they hold the copyright and/or trademark.

From left to right. Normal icon, no documents icon, no support icon.

Named as (example): blender_doc.png   -  blender_nodoc.png   -   blender_x.png

3dsmax doc.png 3dsmax nodoc.png 3dsmax x.png

Blender doc.png Blender nodoc.png Blender x.png

Blender249 doc.png Blender249 nodoc.png Blender249 x.png

Cinema4d doc.png Cinema4d nodoc.png Cinema4d x.png

Sketchup doc.png Sketchup nodoc.png Sketchup x.png

Xsi doc.png Xsi nodoc.png Xsi x.png

Pose2lux doc.png Pose2lux nodoc.png Pose2lux x.png

Poser doc.png Poser nodoc.png Poser x.png

Here is just some placeholder text to give a wiki feeling. Cause their ain't no 
mountain too high, jabba something. Lurum purem semtum i just made this uptom. 
Est lubdo con para say what do you manameano. Ce'st tru, there is mountaino 
to higho presto.

All the files are in a zip here: http://www.luxrender.net/forum/download/file.php?id=13867 at this post: http://www.luxrender.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=32&t=6384&start=10

normal icons

3dsmax doc.png Blender doc.png Blender249 doc.png Cinema4d doc.png Sketchup doc.png Xsi doc.png

documentation not available

3dsmax nodoc.png Blender nodoc.png Blender249 nodoc.png Cinema4d nodoc.png Sketchup nodoc.png Xsi nodoc.png

not implemented

3dsmax x.png Blender x.png Blender249 x.png Cinema4d x.png Sketchup x.png Xsi x.png