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Gothic Arch Tutorial

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Today we are going to make some gothic arches.

add a plane
go into edit mode
select all verticies
merge them at the center
move the remaining vertex 2.5 units on the x axis
Arch tut 1.png

duplicate it then move it -4 units on the x axis
Arch tut 2.png

switch to the front orthagonal view
with this new vertex selected, move the 3d cursor to its location
delete the vertex
Arch tut 3.png

select the original vertex
spin by -67.9757 choose however many steps you wish, i chose 6
Arch tut 4.png

return to object mode
duplicate the object
with the new object selected, return to edit mode
in right orthagonal view extrude all of the verticies 4 units along the y axis
Arch tut 5.png

select the verticies you just extruded FROM and move them -4 units along the y axis
Arch tut 6.png

return to object mode
add a mirror modifier and turn on clipping
apply the mirror modifier
you should now have a nice long pointed fifth "quinto acuto" archway
Arch tut 7.png

duplicate it
rotate the duplicate by 90 deg. in the z axis
Arch tut 8.png

these will serve as our templates

select the original arc you made
Arch tut 9.png

go into edit mode
switch to vertex snapping mode
move the entire arc of verticies in the y axis then snap to the edge of the first arch
Arch tut 10.png

extrude along the y axis and snap to the bottom vertex of the second arch
Arch tut 11.png

switch to the right orthagonal view
grab each of the vertecies individually and move in the y axis snapping to the second arch
Arch tut 12.png

this forms the intersection point
Arch tut 13.png

select the entire intersection arc and extrude in the x axis snapping to the second arch at the bottom
repeat the same action to did to form the intersection point but in the x axis this time
Arch tut 14.png

return to object mode
delete the 2 template archways
you now have 1/4 of a pointed fifth "quinto acuto" arch intersection
Arch tut 15.png

now apply a mirror modifier in both the x and y axis
you now have a full pointed fifth "quinto acuto" arch intersection
Arches 2.png