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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  0001665    Coremajornew2018-04-11Unable to render due to OpenCL error
  0001664 1 Documentationminornew2018-03-17I cant register in
  0001663    Corecrashnew2018-01-18Running LuxMark pop-up error message "LuxMark.exe has stopped working" under Nvidia GPU
  00016621   Coremajornew2017-10-24Extremely high MultiGPU score in Luxmark Hotel scene on Vega FE
  0001661    LuxMax integratedminornew2017-09-25File saver output does not like space in the path
  0001660 1 LuxBlend25minornew2017-09-11invert node produces too bright output
  00016552   LuxBlend25majornew2017-05-18Film.GetOutputFloat - python argument did not mach C++ signature
  000165221 Coreminornew2017-05-17Loading some PLY files using "plymesh" type Shape fails to find faces
  00016581   LuxBlendmajornew2017-05-15Phisics Tab is empty when Lux Render is selected.
  0001659    Coremajornew2017-05-12OpenCL compiling error
  0001657 1 Coreminornew2017-03-14[patch] Fix Qt4 moc bug preventing form building luxrays for boost>=1.5
  00016364   LuxMax integratedfeatureconfirmed (hedphelym)2017-02-25Render linked Revit file?
  0001654 1 Corecrashnew2017-02-25[PATCH] Fix size of buffer for Pixel Filter Distribution
  0001653 1 Coreminornew2017-02-24[PATCH] Fix renderer config setting loading from lxs in luxcore
  0001651    Corecrashnew2017-01-14Backtrace when starting luxrender 1.6
  0001581    LuxMax integratedminorresolved (hedphelym)2016-12-12memory should be free after each render .....
  0001591    LuxMax integratedminorresolved (hedphelym)2016-12-12Add version number to installer.exe , zip and plugin GUI
  0001631    LuxMax integratedmajorresolved (hedphelym)2016-12-12Memory leak during rendering
  0001562    LuxMax integratedminorresolved (hedphelym)2016-12-12Remove extra tabs in render menu
  00016481   LuxBlend25majornew2016-09-23ImportError: No module named 'luxrender.pylux'
  0001487    Corefeatureresolved (neo2068)2016-09-20Add environment camera to LuxCore
  0001647 1 Corefeatureresolved (neo2068)2016-09-20Use of Orthographic Camera with Luxcore Bidir engines produces incorrect results
  0001650    Coremajornew2016-09-07Build fails on nonexistent embree2 header
  0001594    LuxGUImajornew2016-09-06save as jpg does not work
  0001612    Coreminornew2016-09-06PATHOCL & BIASPATHOCL don't support arbitrary clipping plane
  00016283   API / Pyluxminorresolved (neo2068)2016-09-06v1.6RC1, blender 2.77, python version mismatch?
  00016492   LuxBlend25minorresolved (jensverwiebe)2016-09-02[lux-1.6 B2.76+] Enabling the addon hides BI texture influence panel even when luxrender engine is not active.
  0001642    Coremajornew2016-07-08VarianceClamping isn't compatible with radianceGroup while the engineType is PATHOCL
  0001641    Coremajornew2016-06-28LightSources in radianceGroup 0 won't work, during the engineType is PATHOCL
  0001646    API / Pyluxminornew2016-06-25Lux Render 1.6 windows icon does not show correctly
  0001643    Coreminornew2016-06-03Pointiness behaves differently when applied to an instanced object or to a flat-shaded object.
  0001645    API / Pyluxminornew2016-06-02The Properties::SetFromString() requires the last line ends with '\n'
  00016391   Corecrashnew2016-05-30luxmark - crash due to exception
  0001640    Corecrashnew2016-05-30luxmark - crash if no OpenCL capable GPU is found
  0001637 1 Corecrashnew2016-05-05Crash due to boost::math::signbit function misuse.
  000163511 LuxMax integratedmajorassigned (hedphelym)2016-04-11Meshing or Raytrace accuracy?
  000157471 LuxMax integratedminorresolved (hedphelym)2016-04-06Any high poly object can cause problem in render
  000163032 LuxMax integratedminorresolved (hedphelym)2016-03-30unknown abort render on simple polygone object
  000162911 LuxMax integratedminorresolved (hedphelym)2016-03-30object with name that contain more than one dot can not be render
  0001618    LuxMax integratedmajorresolved (hedphelym)2016-03-23Clean up luxmax integrated projects
  0001627    LuxMax integratedmajorresolved (hedphelym)2016-03-23Objects with same name issue
  00016252   LuxMax integratedminorresolved (hedphelym)2016-03-23crash on object with no segment ....
  00016261   LuxMax integratedminorassigned (hedphelym)2016-03-13issue with light from other plugins ....
  00016201   LuxMax integratedminorassigned (TAO)2016-03-12Add transparency spinner to material
  0001623    LuxMax integratedminorassigned (hedphelym)2016-03-04Add dynamic time for the different material previews
  000162231 LuxMax integratedcrashresolved (hedphelym)2016-03-03Empty Materials?
  0001621    LuxMax integratedmajorresolved (hedphelym)2016-03-02Grouped objects do not render
  000150611 Coreminorassigned2016-02-24No sharp edges.
   00014054   Coreminorresolved (J the Ninja)2016-02-24Attempt to write tile (0, 0, 0,0) more than once
  0001619    LuxMax integratedminornew2016-02-08Add shadowcatcher setting to materials that supports it
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