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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  000066841 Corefeatureresolved (Dade)2015-02-27Precedence system for specular transmissive mediums
  0001549    API / Pyluxminornew2015-02-20luxblend 2.0 api exporter does not export linked objects
  00013571   Coremajorresolved (jeanphi)2015-02-20Hang with repeating "Updating render result" after render is complete
  00013702   LuxBlend25majorresolved (jeanphi)2015-02-20Export aborted: 'Custom_Context' object has no attribute 'set_filename'
  00010561   LuxBlend25majorresolved (jeanphi)2015-02-20Spotlight has singular matrix when using internal and not "write files"
  000151011 LuxBlend25majorresolved (jeanphi)2015-02-20vertex colors are not exported to Lux via Internal (API) mode
  00015369   LuxBlend25crashresolved (jeanphi)2015-02-20luxblend25 1.3.1 causes crash with glass2 material
  00015461   LuxBlend25minornew2015-02-07Render nodes not available in node editor after installing LuxBlend26
  0001551    Corefeaturenew2015-02-03Material database
  0001550    LuxGUIminornew2015-01-17Lux GUI artifically restricts filmWriteInterval to 3600 seconds
  00015486   Coreminornew2015-01-16object texture 3D mapping not working
  00015471   LuxMaxminorassigned (hedphelym)2015-01-06it shouldn't export an object with 0 faces
  00011811   Corefeatureassigned (Dade)2014-12-20REQ allow calculation of irradiance / illuminance
  0001526    LuxBlend25minornew2014-12-01Hair strands do not support emission
  00015082   LuxBlend25featurenew2014-11-20skip exporting of hair faces which are not visible in the render
  00015192   LuxBlend25minornew2014-11-19'Scene is not lit' error if there are only particles with an emissive material
  000151411 LuxBlend25featureassigned (tomb)2014-11-19Incorporate into to fix several issues
  0001527    LuxBlend25minorassigned (tomb)2014-11-17Glare Maps doesn't export correctly
  0001528    LuxGUIminorassigned (tomb)2014-11-17Tonemapped file automatically saved in the wrong place
  0001543    LuxGUIfeaturenew2014-10-22write resume flm improvements
  0001541    LuxGUIfeaturenew2014-10-12Dockable Side Panel
  0001540    Documentationfeaturenew2014-09-19Please install the supplied AppData file
  00015392   LuxGUIminornew2014-09-11Luxrender (Latest stable version) crashed after rendering about 100 frames
  00015381   LuxGUIminornew2014-09-04LuxRender v1.3 cannot stop running by time or progress
  000143911 Coreminorassigned (Dade)2014-09-04Noise-Aware breaks halt conditions
  00014261   Corefeatureassigned (Omniflux)2014-08-30Detect and log warning when compiled with fast math etc.
  00015321   Coreminornew2014-08-30luxconsole network rendering
  0001488    Corefeatureassigned (Dade)2014-08-28Add orthogonal camera to LuxCore
  0001479    Corefeaturenew2014-08-13Add the multimix texture to LuxCore
  0001534    Coreminornew2014-06-14luxmark: fails to build if doxygen is installed
  0001533 1 Coreminornew2014-06-14luxmark: fails to build out of tree
  0001531 1 Corecrashnew2014-06-10Luxrender can not read files from libraries with accented letters
  00015302   Coremajornew2014-06-10Lux fails if the scene file name has accented characters
  0001525    LuxGUIfeaturenew2014-05-20Add Importance change on-the-fly
  0001524    LuxGUIminornew2014-05-20Time bug
  000151331 LuxBlend25blockassigned (neo2068)2014-05-20Blender fire won't render at all
  0001523 1 Coreminornew2014-05-20Error on loading material with dot in name
  000151725 Coreminornew2014-05-20premultiply alpha causes too large semitransparent area around objects
  0001516 1 LuxMergercrashassigned (Lord Crc)2014-02-27question
  0001515    Corefeaturenew2014-02-27LuxConsole as a service
  0001464    Corefeatureassigned (neo2068)2014-02-03Add texture blender_noise to LuxCore
  000150611 Coreminorfeedback (J the Ninja)2014-01-29No sharp edges.
  0001502 Undefined reference to 'luxrays::oclErrorString(int)'
  0001445    Corefeaturenew2013-12-03Complement the new LuxCore API to be on par with current feature set
  0001500    Corefeaturenew2013-12-03Add the non linear tonemapper to LuxCore
  0001499    Corefeaturenew2013-12-03Add the maxwhite tonemapper to LuxCore
  0001498    Corefeaturenew2013-12-03Add the false colors tonemapper
  0001497    Corefeaturenew2013-12-03Add the contrast tonemapper to LuxCore
  0001496    Corefeaturenew2013-12-03Add support for microdisplacement in LuxCore
  0001495    Corefeaturenew2013-12-03Add a tesselation algorithm to support non mesh shapes
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