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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  00015971   Coreminornew2015-09-03Glare maps not working in 1.5 GUI
  0001596 1 LuxBlend25crashnew2015-09-02Crash Blender with Biased Path
  0001595    Corecrashnew2015-09-02Sorry double post
  0001594    LuxGUImajornew2015-09-02save as jpg does not work
  00015922   LuxBlend25minornew2015-08-29Custom split normals data isn't rendered.
  0001591    LuxMax integratedminornew2015-08-26Add version number to installer.exe , zip and plugin GUI
  00015542   LuxBlend25crashresolved (B.Y.O.B.)2015-08-24Official Luxrender 1.4 from website and Blender 2.74 RC2 crashes when trying to rerender in different display mode
  00015903   LuxBlend25minorassigned (B.Y.O.B.)2015-08-23Anisotropic roughness is used regardless of checkbox setting
  00015263   LuxBlend25minorresolved (B.Y.O.B.)2015-08-07Hair strands do not support emission
  00015561   LuxBlend25minornew2015-08-06tonemapping parameters, bloom, etc. only works after a new render
   0001589    LuxBlend25textresolved (B.Y.O.B.)2015-08-01Typo in GUI caption
  0001588    LuxGUIfeaturenew2015-07-18Statistics reset
  000158521 LuxMax integratedminorresolved (hedphelym)2015-07-11object's displacement
  00015862   LuxMax integratedminorresolved (TAO)2015-07-11wrong camera FOV
  000158421 LuxBlend25minorresolved (B.Y.O.B.)2015-07-09LuxCore API doesn't tolerate coincident linked/local object/mesh names while Blender and Classic API handles well
  0001583 2 Coremajornew2015-07-06OpenCL render fails with an image map on GTX980
  00014511   Corefeaturenew2015-06-30Add mising glossy2 features to LuxCore
  0001488    Corefeatureresolved (neo2068)2015-06-30Add orthogonal camera to LuxCore
  0001580    LuxMax integratedminorresolved (hedphelym)2015-06-27object with no face or vertex can cause instability on render time
  0001581    LuxMax integratedminornew2015-06-25memory should be free after each render .....
  00015663   LuxMax integratedminorresolved (TAO)2015-06-25More detailed info during renders
  0001579    LuxMax integratedminornew2015-06-24Add support for all render passes
  0001578    LuxMax integratedminornew2015-06-24Add 'laser' light support
  0001577    LuxMax integratedminornew2015-06-24Add support for 'strands' so that we can render 3dsmax's fur.
  0001573 1 LuxMaxfeatureassigned2015-06-07Environment Map Rotation
  000157551 LuxMax integratedminorresolved (hedphelym)2015-06-04error on multiple render ....
  000157441 LuxMax integratedminorassigned (hedphelym)2015-05-27Any high poly object can cause problem in render
  0001572    Coreblockassigned (Dade)2015-04-25Crash in SLG when using metal material in LXS file
  0001469    Corefeatureassigned (neo2068)2015-04-23Add the cloud texture to LuxCore
  0001564    LuxMax integratedmajorresolved (hedphelym)2015-04-12Objects and materials with special characters \ space in the name does not render
  0001565    LuxMax integratedminornew2015-04-09Add luxcore lxs parser param in gui
  0001563    LuxMax integratedminorassigned (hedphelym)2015-04-04Add normals and uv to mesh
  0001562    LuxMax integratedminorassigned (hedphelym)2015-04-04Remove extra tabs in render menu
  000156041 LuxMax integratedminorresolved (hedphelym)2015-03-31mesh object move or disapear in render ....
  00015611   LuxMax integratedcrashassigned (hedphelym)2015-03-303ds max crash when i try to open material editor ....
  00015592   API / Pyluxmajornew2015-03-29Rendering with Biased path and small tiles uses lots of memory and crashes Blender
  0001558    API / Pyluxminornew2015-03-26IES data are not fully respected with area lights
  0001557    LuxBlend25minornew2015-03-26tonemapping variants and effects like bloom are not availaible in API 2.x
  0001471    Corefeatureassigned (neo2068)2015-03-26Add the densitygrid texture to LuxCore
  0001553    Coreminornew2015-03-19Area Light reference corrupts texture that is also used elsewhere (e.g., for diffuse)
  000066841 Corefeatureresolved (Dade)2015-02-27Precedence system for specular transmissive mediums
  0001549    API / Pyluxminornew2015-02-20luxblend 2.0 api exporter does not export linked objects
  00013571   Coremajorresolved (jeanphi)2015-02-20Hang with repeating "Updating render result" after render is complete
  00013702   LuxBlend25majorresolved (jeanphi)2015-02-20Export aborted: 'Custom_Context' object has no attribute 'set_filename'
  00010561   LuxBlend25majorresolved (jeanphi)2015-02-20Spotlight has singular matrix when using internal and not "write files"
  000151011 LuxBlend25majorresolved (jeanphi)2015-02-20vertex colors are not exported to Lux via Internal (API) mode
  00015369   LuxBlend25crashresolved (jeanphi)2015-02-20luxblend25 1.3.1 causes crash with glass2 material
  00015461   LuxBlend25minornew2015-02-07Render nodes not available in node editor after installing LuxBlend26
  0001551    Corefeaturenew2015-02-03Material database
  0001550    LuxGUIminornew2015-01-17Lux GUI artifically restricts filmWriteInterval to 3600 seconds
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