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0001656LuxRenderLuxBlend25public2017-03-14 07:542017-03-14 08:26
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PlatformpcOSlinuxOS Version4.10.2
Product Version 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0001656: Material preview for luxcoreAPI reports "Unknown render engine BIASPATHCPU"
DescriptionNo material preview is available when trying to use luxcoreAPI. This error message appears in console.

LuxCore][400.765] Configuration:
[LuxCore][400.765] film.opencl.enable = 0
[LuxCore][400.765] film.width = 402
[LuxCore][400.765] film.height = 106
[LuxCore][400.765] film.imagepipeline.0.type = "TONEMAP_LINEAR"
[LuxCore][400.765] film.imagepipeline.0.scale = 1
[LuxCore][400.765] film.filter.type = "BLACKMANHARRIS"
[LuxCore][400.765] film.filter.width = 1.5
[LuxCore][400.765] renderengine.type = "BIASPATHCPU"
[LuxCore][400.765] tile.size = 16
[LuxCore][400.765] tile.multipass.enable = 1
[LuxCore][400.765] tile.multipass.convergencetest.threshold = 0.089999999999999997
[LuxCore][400.765] tile.multipass.convergencetest.threshold.reduction = 0
[LuxCore][400.765] biaspath.sampling.aa.size = 1
[LuxCore][400.765] biaspath.sampling.diffuse.size = 1
[LuxCore][400.765] biaspath.sampling.glossy.size = 1
[LuxCore][400.765] biaspath.sampling.specular.size = 1
[LuxCore][400.765] = 8
[LuxCore][400.765] biaspath.pathdepth.diffuse = 3
[LuxCore][400.765] biaspath.pathdepth.glossy = 1
[LuxCore][400.765] biaspath.pathdepth.specular = 4
[LuxCore][400.765] biaspath.clamping.variance.maxvalue = 3
[Lux 2017-Mar-14 13:52:20] Rendering aborted: Unknown render engine type in RenderEngine::ToProperties(): BIASPATHCPU
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/usr/share/blender/2.78/scripts/addons/luxrender/core/", line 1966, in luxcore_render_preview
    luxcore_config = exporter.convert(filmWidth, filmHeight)
  File "/usr/share/blender/2.78/scripts/addons/luxrender/export/luxcore/", line 153, in convert
    luxcore_config = pyluxcore.RenderConfig(cfg_props, luxcore_scene)
RuntimeError: Unknown render engine type in RenderEngine::ToProperties(): BIASPATHCPU
Steps To ReproduceStart blender --factory-startup
Activate luxblend and switch render engine to luxrender
Switch Render>Luxrender API to "luxcore API"
Go to material tab and try activate preview panel.
Additional InformationBlender didn't crash
Preview is working in Classical API.

arch-linux (linux 4.10.2)

Packages versions:
local/luxblend25-hg 3778.747f33198cd0-1
    LuxRender exporter plugin for Blender
local/luxrays-hg 3727+.7c5be28666f6+-1
    Accelerate the ray intersection process by using GPUs
local/luxrender-hg 4916+.e8f1c5ff54b0+-1
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Mercurial Changeset #e8f1c5ff54b0
Requires Documentation UpdateNo
Requires Exporter UpdateLuxBlend25
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