LuxRender material preview not visible in Blender

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LuxRender material preview not visible in Blender

Postby Zpoxx » Tue Feb 20, 2018 2:58 pm

As the title says, I am not able to see the material preview in Blender 2.79. At least it doesn't work as expected.

I started off with downloading (what I assume was the right version for my computer), then I first installed it on my computer, then into Blender as well as I chosed path to the installation in User Preferences. At first, I had trouble with the "external render window" (the one that is supposed to show up when you start rendering). I did however manage to fix that by repeat the last step of the installation. By then everything worked fine. I selected an object and changed the "Material type" in the material tab. Any changes I did on the material was shown directly in the preview window. Now for some reason nothing happens at all. The presets in Material type are set to "Matte" and changing that to for example glass does not change the preview although some of my first objects I changed shows the preview of the material I changed it to but this problem withstand bechause the preview does not change when the material is changed. The only way I can see what I am applying to the object is when I render the image but finnishing my work with that method would take a tremendous amount of time.

I have been looking for tutorials on Youtube, I have been searching Google and I have looked over here but I have found nothing that are similar to my problem. Therefore I need your help. Any ideas on what the problem could be? I appriciate all help and information I can get.
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Re: LuxRender material preview not visible in Blender

Postby burnin » Wed Feb 21, 2018 4:10 am

Zpoxx wrote:... what I assume was the right version for my computer...
could you elaborate further? Are you using latest LuxBlend? Have you also tried with Blender 2.78?

Or if you're on Win, try with these: (@ zippyshare)
LuxBlendForSDK.7z (@ zippyshare)
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