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Re: LuxC4D 0.05

Postby abstrax » Mon Jul 20, 2009 2:26 am

voolger wrote:thanks for the info.

i have c4d ce6 on my machine since the days it was on the 3dworld cd in 2003 or 2004. I found an c4d exporter for povray that some one wrote in coffee. I have no programing experience except the odd compiling of a prgremm in linux e.g. povray or pyhton from source.

What else would I need in order to compile on windows besides the relevant c4d 6.3 sdk?
I guess on my old ppc os9 and ppc osx machine, code warrior would be just right.
What would I need on windows?


Hi Voolger,

As I said in my last reply, I would have to rewrite everything from ground up. For compiling the stuff you will need Codewarrior on Mac and Visual Studio C++ 6.0 on PC side. I guess, chances are good that you can use Visual Studio C++ 2005 Express instead, although I'm not sure here because it wasn't available when I was writing plugins for C4D R7.

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