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Developer Appreciation

Postby climbingair » Thu Jul 28, 2011 12:27 pm

Hey guys,

A couple of weeks ago I finished a rather lengthy project, a product merchandiser of sorts. It involved many different lights placed inside thick glass, requiring a somewhat complicated setup using blender internal. For that reason I chose to use Luxrender. So much easier to set up, which much more realistic results. At first I was told that the image would only be used in a powerpoint, but then the client changed their mind and wanted a large printout. How large? As large as I could get it. Well...crap. I told my art director that theoretically I should be able to do a maximum of 10,000 px high, but I would need to run some tests. After a couple of months of tweaking the scene and models and graphic design, and after talking with our Mac IT guy about setting up a render network, I hit Render on the final image. 87 hrs later, a wonderful image was reliably saved to a harddrive. I used 6 computers, 5 of which were new iMacs with one i7, the master computer was another iMac but with 2 i7s. I was glad it worked, because this was my only shot at getting the render done on time to get it to the printer. They did a great job with the print. The final image was 92in by 92in at 100dpi. The client was please and said that worked very well in their sales presentation.

All that to say...Thank you so much, developers. Several of you offered assistance with the project, responding quickly to questions I had on the forum. Your work and passion for the Luxrender project has helped make possible visual representation that would have been previously unthinkable for the agency at which I work due to the prohibitive cost of commercial options.

If there are any questions about the project, I'd be glad to answer them. Unfortunately I can't post any examples of the render due to the propriety nature of the project.

Thanks again :)

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