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LuxRender v1.4 release

Postby jeanphi » Fri Feb 06, 2015 3:29 pm


Tadaaa! Here it is at last, the brand new version 1.4 of LuxRender. Version 1.4 is an intermediate step towards the complete rearchitecturing of LuxRender around the LuxCore library that has been designed to use all the processing power of your computer, CPU, GPU, or network nodes. As such there are not many new features in standard Lux but LuxCore integration has made a huge leap forward in this version has you'll notice in the changelog below.
The 1.4 version features many improvements with LuxCore modes like new materials and textures, new light types, much improved real time integration in Blender to name a few key topics.
If you find any issues with that version be sure to report them in our forums, either in a specific thread or the specific LuxCore issues thread, or in our bugtracker.

There are already lots of improvements pending for v1.5 to bring even better speed, ease of use and more features, so stay tuned, 2015 is going to b exciting!

Packages or installers for most platforms are available from our downloads page. Blender exporter is provided in the packages, exporters for other platforms are available from the downloads page or the corresponding source repositories.
Please note that we do not provide any longer 32 bits builds for Linux due to the fact that few users needed them and some image library mismatch with Blender made the building process non trivial.

Source code is available from the repositories:
LuxCore: ... ender_v1.4

LuxCore changes since 1.4RC3:
- fixed glossytranslucent material
- warn when volumes and materials have the same name (forbidden in LuxCore)
- fix mesh area light editing
- fix a typo in RGBA image buffer size
- various fixes for OSX

LuxRender changes since 1.4RC3:
- add --save-png option to luxmerger
- fix instances material assignment with LuxCore rendering
- various fixes for OSX

LuxBlend changes since 1.4RC3:
- do not crash if pyluxcore is not available
- add constantinfinite, laser lights
- add multiscattering option to volumes
- fix export of distant, sun and sky lights
- AOVs can now be saved to disk to the user specified folder
- fix architectural glass2 and metal2 materials
- add time and samples halt conditions to LuxCore mode
- add specific halt settings for the real time preview
- fix area light mesh export
- add clamping options to LuxCore path modes
- add support for LuxCore imagepipeline settings
- add support for irradiance visualization
- add an "export as proxy" option to work with simplified geometry but render with all details
- fixes to material preview
- fixes for linked meshes export
- add support for dupli export
- improved rendering statistics
- improved real time rendering in Blender
- speed improvements (notably for meshes export)
- lots of UI fixes and improvements

Changes since 1.3.1:
- new biased path tracing renderer to allow for fast and noise free, but less accurate, renderings, it is available in both CPU and OpenCL flavours with a special realtime mode (Dade can you make a list of current features, tuning knobs, and what's supported in LuxBlend? There is a thread about it, but not sure it is up to date: viewtopic.php?f=34&t=10529)
- Arbitrary Output Values support enabling output of Z buffer, position, material, normal, ... data (Dade, is there a full list? Is it fully supported in LuxBlend?)
- support for light groups
- direct visibility flag to hide objects in direct sight
- full C++ and Python bindings for the API (we should definitely write documentation for that)
- object, camera, materials, ... editing within the API to update the scene on the fly
- fixed mattetranslucent material
- the code is now Apache Public License v2
- new telnet interface
- port of blender procedural textures
- new lxs parser for backward compatibility with LuxRender
- support for quads in mesh definitions (they are split into triangles)
- support for LuxRender tonemappers (autolinear, linear
- point light support with IES support
- IES support to area light source
- support for spot light source
- support for projection light source
- support for constant infinite light source (without image map)
- support for distant light source
- support for velvet material
- support for sky2 light source
- improved VCM bidir implementation
- replaced FreeImage library with OpenImageIO
- support for cloth material
- support for carpaint material
- improved bump and normal mapping to match LuxRender output
- support for area light with null material
- support for volume absorption and scattering (single or multiple)
- support for clear, homogeneous and heterogeneous volumes
- support for volume precedence (to make it easier to work with liquids for example)
- support for arbitrary camera clipping planes
- support for volume emission (with light group support)
- support for gaussian pixel filter
- support for laser light
- support for Blackman-Harris pixel filter
- support for camera response
- support for rough matte material (Oren-Nayar model)
- support for camera autofocus
- support for rough matte translucent material
- support for motion blur (camera, lights, objects, but no deformation yet)
- pixel filters can now have arbitrary sizes
- fix bump map rendering with missing UV information
- area light fixes regarding the use of power and efficiency
- fix lxs parsing issues
- add support for imagemap channel selection
- improved reinhard tonemapper
- fix some light group issues
- fix a bug in shadow masks output and provide accelerated functions for AOV output
- fix light source update issues
- fix glossy2 issues when using absorption and multibounce
- fix metal2 behaviour when using custom colour
- add full update support to RT(BIAS)PATHOCL
- fix editing of lights
- fix editing of materials
- fix editing of textures
- mix material can now emit light
- fix exporting of glass properties
- fix metal2 material
- clamp is now disabled by default in biaspath
- support for glossytranslucent
- the lxs parser now supports more materials

- update of LuxCore renderer (biaspath support, new light types, new materials, new textures, volumes, new pixel filters, bias path halt condition, light strategies, motion blur)
- fix hair mesh normals
- new interface to render on MS Azure
- FreeImage replaced by OpenImageIO
- antialiasing of the render view
- add autofocus support when using LuxCore
- add imagemap channel selection support when using LuxCore
- improved reinhard tonemapper
- fix an issue with chromatic aberration post processing
- fix an issue with imagemap handling with LuxCore
- fix some bugs in LuxCore renderer handling of lights
- export glossytranslucent to LuxCore renderer
- change chromatic aberration lens effect slider range to something more reasonable

- improved hair and particles export
- various fixes to the nodes system
- update LuxCore rendering modes
- default pixel filter is now Blackman-Harris
- render to viewport when using LuxCore
- direct volume data access for Blender >2.71 (faster)
- support for LuxCore specific material settings
- support for LuxCore materials, emission, bump and normal maps
- add the ability to configure min/max epsilon in engine settings
- fix texture preview with upcoming versions of Blender
- fix multithreading issues
- add shinymetal material to nodes editor
- increase limits of UV scale and offset settings
- improved resolution rounding (closer to Blender behaviour)
- add support for LuxCore AOV (arbitrary output values)
- add support for various Blender image types (file, generated, sequence)
- improved texture multiply
- fix LuxCore normalmap export
- fix issues with some texture trees using LuxCore
- add support for more textures when using LuxCore (dots, checkerboard, fbm, band, wrinkled, windy, add, uv, constant)
- fix particles export
- PEP8 conformance
- improved Blender statistics when using LuxCore
- much improved but still experimental realtime preview
- support of sun, sky and distant lights with LuxCore
- fix DOF support with LuxCore
- light groups support with LuxCore
- fix border rendering with LuxCore
- support for spot lights
- it is now possible to abort an export process
- AOVs support improvements
- fix hemi light orientation
- fix point light orientation (for IES which is now supported with LuxCore)
- support for projector lights with LuxCore
- tonemapping settings for LuxCore
- fix gamma of final render
- allow tuning of LuxCore rendering modes
- glass2 material support with LuxCore
- volume support with LuxCore
- volume precedence support with LuxCore
- lots of small bug fixes and improvements

EDIT: windows builds now available
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Re: LuxRender v1.4 release

Postby SATtva » Sat Feb 07, 2015 2:17 am

Whoa, finally. :) Great work guys, and a great release!
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Re: LuxRender v1.4 release

Postby Stringbeen5 » Sat Feb 07, 2015 2:30 am

I don't think you guys realize that when waiting for a windows build of Luxrender hours feel like days and days feel like years.
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Re: LuxRender v1.4 release

Postby Piita » Sat Feb 07, 2015 3:03 am

Wow! Massive amount of new stuff to LuxCore since 1.3.1.
Great work everybody!
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Re: LuxRender v1.4 release

Postby carlosa » Sat Feb 07, 2015 5:32 am

Ty !!!!
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Re: LuxRender v1.4 release

Postby Thanzex » Sat Feb 07, 2015 6:54 am

Nice! finally! :) can we have more or less an idea of when windows builds will be available?
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Re: LuxRender v1.4 release

Postby LadeHeria » Sat Feb 07, 2015 7:35 am

Nice, very exciting work !

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Re: LuxRender v1.4 release

Postby » Sat Feb 07, 2015 9:38 am

Happy to see this release :D and want to really thank you. Now just waiting for 1.5 as it sounds more crazy than the 1.4 :lol:

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Re: LuxRender v1.4 release

Postby FranClod » Sat Feb 07, 2015 3:22 pm

Will this release be faster than its predecessors? Granted I would like to be able to render in less than a day... Right now, unless you have more than 4 cores, rendering speed is slow... I hope with each improvements, speed would be increased so rendering would not take more than 2 hours... Thanks
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Re: LuxRender v1.4 release

Postby B.Y.O.B. » Sat Feb 07, 2015 5:27 pm

Btw., in case someone wants to use/test the LuxCore mode in LuxBlend, here's the new wiki page for it:
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